Jessica and Mark

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How We Met

in 2016 i went to leeds to go to pony con where i seen mark i saw him on facebook and talked to him i waved at him in the que at pony con he waved back i was so shy

how they asked

on the 19th jan 2017 i had gone to london to see my boyfriend to stay for the weekend he took me into argos and we got my ring finger messerd he then told me to go away so he could pick out a ring i was convicned mark was going to pop the question on saterday little did i know what he had planned so i was live on facebook talking about my little pony me and mark fav thing and i didnt know he was behind me he asked me to turnen aorund and there he was on one knee and i cryed and staid yes before he asked oops he then asked and he put the ring on and i cryed more best day of my life

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