Jessica and Mark

How We Met

Mark and I met in an unlikely way that almost always makes people laugh. Some of our friends don’t even believe us the first time we tell the story, but it’s 100 percent true! About six years ago, I was going into a restaurant to pick up food for my mom. As I exited my car and walked to the door, I heard a guy call out, “Hey!” I glanced over my shoulder and saw a young guy waving at me enthusiastically from his truck. I quickly flipped up my hand and continued walking, not giving it a second thought – I couldn’t tell you if he said anything more than that, because the encounter didn’t strike me as odd. When I got back to my car, I noticed a note on my front seat (I had, as usual, left my window wide open). The note said, “Hey I’m Mark (person who waved when you walked in) give me a shout sometime if you’d like” with his phone number. I laughed, a lot, tweeted about it, and showed a few of my friends later that night, thinking of it as a joke. But a few hours later, my best friend convinced me to text him and give him a shot. I did, asked for his name to find him on Facebook, and discovered we actually had quite a few friends in common. After talking for a few weeks, we went on a date, and we clicked immediately. Despite all of our differences (we are polar opposites in many ways), Mark and I got along so well and had so much fun together that, five years later, we found ourselves buying an adorable house together in Long Island. A few months after that, we got engaged.

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how they asked

For me, our engagement story is pretty much fairytale perfect – it’s everything I could have wanted, but definitely not what I thought it would be like. One boring winter day in 2017, Mark and I decided to book a random vacation to London and Paris. In the days leading up to the trip, most of my friends asked if I thought we would get engaged while we were away – my answer was always an empathetic no. I truly didn’t think my extremely logical boyfriend would chance bringing a ring on a plane. I was also convinced it would happen by the beach, our favorite place to go. We made it to Paris, the first time for both of us, a city I had dreamed of visiting for most of my life. Our first day was amazing and we loved everything about it. Even though we were exhausted after dinner, we decided to walk around the block from our hotel to see the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night. As we stood there staring up at it, waiting for the 10PM hour to hit, I laughed and joked, “Too bad you didn’t propose here, you really messed up.” He laughed too, the moment passed. About ten minutes later, the tower started sparkling. Mark said, “Wow, look at the buildings behind you.” I turned around, and when I turned back to him, he was down on one knee, opening a ring box. I was so shocked that at first I thought he was joking (since I had been joking with him earlier) and I said, “Mark no!” Once I saw the ring, I knew it was real. I was so happy I was speechless, until I was finally able to get out an “OMG of course!” I managed to snap a selfie of us in front of the Eiffel Tower even though my hand was shaking so badly I almost dropped my phone. I smiled so hard for the rest of the night that my face literally hurt. It felt like a dream. Even though the proposal seems obvious (everyone we knew said, “I knew it would happen in Paris!” when we told them), I truly have never been so surprised in my life. Mark couldn’t have chosen a more special place (I’ve always been a Francophile), and no matter how over the top it might seem, it was still an intimate and wonderful moment neither of us will ever forget.

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