Jessica and Luke


How We Met

We caught eyes at a bar in LA on my birthday. I turned the tables on her and suggested she buy me a drink since it was my birthday. We talked the rest of the night and went on our first date 2 days later.

how they asked

I (Luke) am a director, so I am in charge of big productions in my daily life so I knew my bride to be deserved one as well. I take her on secret dates a lot. So it was no different when I told her we were going to an art gallery. What she didn’t know was that I created a museum just for her. Just before going in I had to stay back to make an “emergency” work call. We she went in she saw canvas pictures of our history, glasses from the bar we met, and identical flowers to the ones I gave her on our 2nd date. When she got to the end of the maze there was a ring box with a description above with today’s date on it. When she turned around there I was on one knee. The music lowered, she said yes! And the rest is history.


Our Video

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