Jessica and Luis

Image 1 of Jessica and LuisHow We Met: Luis and I met on a rafting trip! Pretty exciting. We knew there was something there and we were so intrigued! We wanted to get to know each other more and more as the day went by. We hit it off great on our first date, full of laughter, stories, eye gazing, and smiles. We had people tell us we looked so happy and full of laughter, joy and love. We became each others best friend. Started as an open book, honest and “laid all the cards on the table”… and now we are continuing the story; with each other in it.

how they asked: On Christmas Eve 2014, he took me on a tour/re-cap of our first date. We stopped at the coffee shop where we met for our first date and reminisced on our very first conversations. Then we visited the place we had dinner and laughed at all the emotions we were feeling that day. Not to mention the garlic filled dish we both ordered! haha. Off we went to downtown Willow Glen; where we roamed the streets filling them with butterflies, laughter, and smiles. Lastly, he took me to a mountain top, way up in the hills where you can see the WHOLE city. As if you were standing on a high stage looking down. It was so beautiful. City lights everywhere. He asked me to get out the car so we can see the city lights and the beautiful view. I got out and he held my hand, He told me he loved me and how he’s so lucky to have such a great and beautiful best friend…got on one knee and said those 4 magical breath taking words – “Will you marry me?” I said, “yes!” hugged him so tight I almost forgot about the beautiful rose gold ring! :) We started our future at the last spot of our first date <3

Image 2 of Jessica and Luis