Jessica and Logan

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How We Met

We met through mutual friends. My best friend Jessie Decker said she wanted to set me up with one of Eric’s friends he was roommates with when they were in college at Minnesota.. I saw his pic and thought “heck yes” lol. She told Logan about wanting to set him up with me and gave him my number. We text for about two weeks then he came to meet me at Jessie and Eric’s charity event in NYC. So, our first meeting was Eric’s game. He picked me up at my hotel and I was lost in the parking garage and he was playing Marco Polo to find me lol but the next day was more of an actual date.

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That was on a boat called the Hornblower in NYC at their charity event. He actually called me his wife that night and I thought it was hilarious and crazy and loved it! I also loved he was the one that said ” wanna take a picture” for some reason I loved he did that!

how they asked

So kinda a long story but will try and make short lol.

On Monday, Dec 21st, 2015 I received a group text from 10 of Logan’s friends. His friend is the man behind the charity On Bikes in Tampa and every one of us participates. So Morgan, Drew’s wife sends a text saying ” hey guys thank you all for coming to On Bikes this year, as you know we have our annual dinner and photo this Wednesday at 5:30 before the sun sets. it is the same place we had photos at last year. Dress code is cocktail casual! See you there!” Well, everyone including Logan started responding saying “yeah we will be there” I even said yea sounds good! I had no clue there was no annual photos or dinner considering I moved to Tampa 2 months before in October!

Also, side note that makes the story even funnier is last year for Christmas I bought Logan a star in sky and named it “Hornblower” after the boat we had our first date on. So on Wednesday, Dec 23rd, 2015 I received an email saying “Jessica, your star the hornblower is officially in the star registry today. ” I thought was so random because I bought it a year ago. So, I told Logan and he laughed and didn’t act weird. The whole day goes by and I am doing clients makeup and he is around house doing stuff or so I thought. Little did I know that our downstairs was a master plan of him and his friends taking things to the beach setting up for the proposal.

I started getting ready and anyone who knows me knows I am usually late, not on purpose but just late I blame it on the artist side of me ha. So Logan started saying “babe we have to go we can’t be late for these pictures and I was like “dude, calm down it is on bike photos we are fine” So we get there and it is a beach and he said Drew is waiting on us, this way would hurry out of the car lol. We start walking and I am like “well where is Drew”.. Logan fake calls him and says oh yea we are coming up on that now.

We get there and there are rose petals leading up to a bench. Logan says babe this is early Christmas Present! I look at the bench and it is covered in lights, photos, and a constellation of stars and a quote.

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I start saying how much I love my Christmas present and he is like babe no.. shhh let me talk and I still at that point had no clue that he was gonna propose! He looked at me and said ” Jessica I love you so much, you are what I prayed for and I look at you and see the mother of my children and the life we can build together, you make me want to be a better man and you the most incredible woman and how he has been waiting for this and tons of other sweet words and I kept saying babe I love you too don’t cry because he was getting tears in his eyes.

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He then got on one knee and said I prayed to your Papaw and asked his permission to take care of his little girl and the sun came down from heaven and I knew that was him saying yes to me. Will you be my wife? I swear I think my heart leapt out of my chest and I got down on my knees with him and said yes a million times and how much I loved him.

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I have truly never been happier or more surprised in my life.

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Everything he said was so genuine and heartfelt that it meant the world to me.

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After that, his brother Ely, sister Tally and family member Ally popped out from behind a tree and said congrats! Ely was saying it was the longest proposal ever lol. Tally had asked if I had looked at my ring and I said no I am still in shock because I thought he bought me another star to match the one I bought him last year!

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The quote on the frame says ” Our love is undimmed by time, unbound by death, We are forever in the stars” and so crazy that it says that and our star became official that very day! Out of everything that he did and said the fact he prayed to my Papaw in heaven means more to me than he will ever know, because my Papaw meant the world to me and in the hospital before Papaw passed away I told him about Logan and how he would love him and he reminded me of him so much and he smiled. Just knowing I am marrying a man that knows me and knows my heart makes me the happiest girl in the world.

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P.S The map is what his brother Ely put together to everything would run smoothly lol.

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