Jessica and Logan - a Tear Jerker!

How We Met: Every girl dreams about the day that the man of her dreams gets down on one knee and asks her “Will you marry me?” She dreams of the guy that will treat her like a princess and love her unconditionally like in every romantic comedy.   In high school, most girls’ dreams get shattered when that boyfriend of six months or two years doesn’t turn out to be “the one” after all. They start to believe every guy is the same, and they get stuck in the same cycle of dead-end relationships.  God opened up my eyes to the beautiful truth two years ago – He revealed to me that my heart was expecting a man to fulfill desires that only He could. He wanted me to take time and focus on my relationship with Him! I gave up trying to figure out who I should date, and just spent time trying to discover God’s great love for me and His purpose for my life. I promised God from that day forward I will allow Him to write my love story, because I know His story would be better than any I could ever dream of.

In September of 2009, I made a list of qualities I knew God wanted me to find in a man and I wrote NO EXCEPTIONS at the end.  I was disappointed when I would be talking to a guy, and look back at the list and know this is not the man God had for me.  That was until… I met Logan Beer.

Logan and I decided to take things really slow. He seemed almost too good to be true and I wanted to be sure this is who God wanted me to date.  We talked almost every day, and I loved the way he pursued me. I could tell he wanted to truly get to know my heart. I am truly so thankful to have such a Godly man leading me. I pray every girl knows her worth and does not settle for anything less than what she deserves.

how they asked – aka the Amazing Proposal!

Logan and I went to see The Vow on 2/10/2012. I had been super excited to see this movie, and we decided to go to an early movie at 5pm before the crazy crowd on opening night. He told me we had to hurry back to his parent’s house and check on Maye (our pug) before we did anything else for the evening. When we arrived, he told me to wait in the car because he had a surprise for me. I did not really think anything of this until Maye came out in a really cute, red dress with a little note on her collar.

The note said, “Follow the red string path to the back yard. Use the flashlight to guide you. Watch your step. I love you Jessica!!”

The string took me to a table with envelope that read, “Sit here and wait patiently… At the end of the slideshow follow the illuminated path. The tiki torches are letter posts. Read the letters! There was a huge, white sheet connected to two trees with a projector showing a slideshow of all our pictures and an amazing song to go along. He wrote the sweetest comments in the slideshow that made me cry from this point on. Watch the slideshow he made here

The next envelope contained my letter with all the qualities I was waiting for in a man that I wrote two years ago, and he wrote, “I pray that I am the man you have waited for… I truly believe that God made you especially for me. The search is over baby, Go to the next Tiki Torch, I love you.” The next envelope told me to open a package – the package was a beautiful Bible with Jessica Beer engraved on it.

The next envelope said, “Go to the last Tiki Torch. Stop at the tiki torch and take one step forward. Then close your eyes… keep them closed. Trust me you will know when to open them. I love you”.

I walked with my eyes closed towards the lake when all these white Christmas lights came on every tree in the backyard and Logan was standing there waiting for me. He told me that there was nothing else to say other than… (and he got down on one knee and asked) …. “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?”

I said YES!!!!!!! He put the beautiful ring on my finger, and both our immediate families and some of our amazing friends all cheered. (They were watching the whole time!!) We went back in his house to a beautiful spread of food by his mom and just fellowshipped and savored a truly unforgettable night. I cannot wait for what God has in store for our future. I pray that whoever reads this will pray for us as we enter this new incredible chapter in our lives. God Bless!