Jessica and Logan

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How We Met

Logan and I met in high school where we were just friends. I started working at publix grocery store (in the deli) after high school and about once a week or more, he would order a sub but only wanted me to make it for him because I obviously made the best subs there. We always talked during the few minutes that he would wait. A year or so after working there, I quit publix and started a new job to where I didn’t see him anymore or talk to him. A year later, we both somehow ended up at the same party and by the end of that night, we ended up at Waffle House catching up from what we missed within that year. Our relationship wasn’t very easy at the beginning. Logan has an out of town job where he’s gone every 20 days every month and only home 10 days. So we have a long distance relationship. Nothing about this was easy at all but somehow we have made it work and it’s made us stronger then ever. In the two years we have been together, we’ve been on so many vacations, moved in together, moved from Florida to North Carolina and got a house together. And the rest is history…

how they asked

Three months ago, we made a big move from Florida to North Carolina. It was a really big step for us. All we knew was Florida. We’ve talked about getting engaged here and there but nothing ever happened. This specific day wasn’t different then any other. We went up to South Moutain State Park to do some hiking because I’ve been dying to see some waterfalls and this place was perfect to go too, we spent most of our day there. On the way home, I decided to invite my sister over for dinner, which again is normal. Well what I didn’t know is that Logan already had all this planned out. She came over and we decided to take the dogs for a walk down at the lake, which again is completely normal for us to do. My sister came along this time and Logan wanted to take a family picture with our two fur babies. So we squatted down so we were the same level as the dogs. My sister somehow already had my phone, which I didn’t think anything of. So we took a picture and I thought Logan was just pulling up his pants because we were squatting down so ya know that happens. I was about to stand up because we were done and he pulled out the box and opened it, right in front of me was the most gorgeous ring ever. He said “Jessica, Will you marry me?” My response was, Are you joking? Because I was so surprised and caught of guard. I knew it was real but I was trying to process it all. He then asked me again, and of course I said “Yes!”

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Special Thanks

Sarah (My Sister)
 | Took pictures and a video