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How We Met

Landon and I officially met on September 8, 2015 while we were both attending school at Utah Valley University. Even though we attended rival high schools, he played football and basketball and I was a cheerleader, so we had several mutual friends between the two schools. Because of this, we could recognize each other by name and face, but had never actually met or ever spoken to each other. After Landon got back from serving an LDS mission in Paraguay for two years, he began his first semester at UVU and saw me walking down the hall. One day, he got the guts to call out my name and grab my attention. I was so smitten by that tall and handsome man! He got my number, I waited for him to call and he asked me out on our first date! We both agree that it was the best first date either of us had ever been on, and it felt like we had known each other for years. From that moment on we were practically inseparable, and the rest is history! We were engaged on January 9, 2016 and married April 30, 2016.

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The best and easiest decision of my life! Everything about Landon’s proposal was literal perfection. No one in the history of the world has ever been able to hide a surprise from me, but lo and behold my husband stepped up as the KING of surprises with what he was able to pull of that night. Landon and I knew that we were getting married, we even had a date and had scheduled the temple, but I had absolutely no idea when he was going to actually pop the question. I had started bugging him about it in the weeks leading up to our engagement trying to put some pressure on him…ha! I’m the least patient person on planet Earth. He even staged an argument between the both of us a few nights before and gave me an entire guilt trip about it! Looking back, he should have totally won an Oscar for that performance. Every member of my family should receive honorable mentions for their noteworthy performances as well. The day of the proposal, I went to watch Landon play in a basketball game. His family was acting so weird! They hardly even said anything to me.

I later found out that they had all just finished setting up everything for the proposal with my family, and they were too scared they were going to ruin the surprise so they kept their mouths shut! They just kept trying to figure out if I had any idea it was coming, but they knew they were safe when they saw the chipped nail polish on my fingers… We met up with some friends at the Ice Castles in Midway, UT that night, and the plan was to go and watch a movie at the golf course clubhouse where one of Landon’s friends worked after. On the way to the golf course I was a little grouchy on the inside because I had been so freezing and miserable at the ice castles. We had to wait in the cold for everyone for what felt like forever! I had taken off my boots and socks in the car, trying to warm up my feet against the air vents. Landon tried to get me to put my shoes back on when we were getting close, but I was being stubborn and told him that he didn’t have to wait for me, and I’d just go in when my feet got warm. When we got there, I luckily put my shoes back on really quick, but boy did I feel dumb after! We had driven over there with his best friend, Tyson, and his date. As we were getting out of the car, Tyson and Landon gave us girls each a pair of headphones and a blindfold telling us that they had a little surprise.

Proposal Ideas American Fork, UT

Little did I know that Tyson’s date was in on everything too, and she immediately took hers off. I started listening to the sweetest recording Landon had made reading all of the journal entries he had kept since we started dating. It is so special and something that I will cherish FOREVER. I still had no clue what was going on, and I kind of felt like a deer in headlights, but at the end of the recording, he told me to take of my blindfold and headphones.

When I did, there he was! Down on one knee, and we were surrounded by all of our family and friends! I was so SURPRISED! I just sat there in shock and he had to gently put his hand on my waist and bring me back down to reality…Ha! I hadn’t said “yes” yet! I couldn’t even get the words out, so I just nodded my head and he slipped that perfect ring onto my shaky hand. It was perfect and will forever be the best “YES” ever.

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