Jessica and Kyle

How We Met: Kyle and I met through his sister when I worked with her at Lululemon. He came into the store one day and I couldn’t take my eyes off him, so his sister introduced us. We instantly clicked and chatted for a while, until my boss came over and kindly told me to get back to work! I couldn’t stop thinking about him, but he lived in Los Angeles and I lived in San Francisco so I didn’t think anything of it. About six months later he came back in to town to visit his sister and happened to buy 4 tickets to a Giant’s baseball game.

He invited his dad and sister, and told his sister to invite “the hot girl from Lululemon that he talked to.” (Me, yay!). His sister asked me so of course I agreed to go as her date. Even though I was her date I ended up spending the whole night talking to Kyle. I don’t think either of us even watched one inning! We started to do long distance after that, and after he graduated from paramedic school and I graduated from my teaching credential program he moved up to San Francisco to be with me.

Image 1 of Jessica and Kyle

how they asked: Kyle proposed to me on the roof of the building we had just moved in to in San Francisco. Kyle loves everything about astronomy so he called me and told me to run up to our roof to check out this special star that could only be seen for one night. When I opened the door to our roof there were over 100 candles lit and beautifully set up.

Image 2 of Jessica and Kyle

Kyle was standing there with the most unforgettable nervous grin on his face. I walked over to him… He grabbed both of my hands and started to cry. It was so romantic and truly a moment I will never forget.

Image 3 of Jessica and Kyle

The best part of the proposal was after we walked back down to our studio, all of my best friends were waiting there for us with champagne! He even flew in two of my best friends from Arizona! Luckily he asked my older sister to hide off to the edge of the roof to take pictures of our special moment.

Image 4 of Jessica and Kyle