Jessica and Koby

How We Met

My friend Nicole had been telling me about this Koby guy and how we needed to meet. Naturally, I had to stalk to his Facebook for the official approval. First thought? He was fine as hell. Second thought? There is no way this dude has the same birthday as me. Completely random and crazy. Finally, a mudding event came up and Koby was supposed to be there. Nicole has mentioned he would probably have an open seat I could ride in. Once we were both there, we were introduced (the first time) by our good friends Nicole and Travis. It wasn’t the right time though for either of us so we continued on about our own business. Fast forward several months and we once again met at yet another mud park. Nicole told me Koby would again be there, which was a bonus, but I wasn’t getting my hopes up. But this time it was the right time.

JESSICA and KOBY's Engagement in Our property

JESSICA's Proposal in Our property

Proposal Ideas Our property

We didn’t have much interaction at the park until we left and everyone we rode with stopped at Mi Rancho on the way home for Mexican and margaritas (who would have thought!). We sat across the table from each other and instantly started BS-ing. Our sarcastic, smart-ass personalities quickly clicked. Nothing came of it until we left and Koby decided it was a good idea to send a Facebook message to Jess to continue conversation. From that point, our conversation was endless. Literally. We texted from morning to night every day. Jess tried playing hard to get but Koby was pretty hard to resist, so finally, about five days later, we went on our first official date. One can only guess where we met … Mama Juanita’s for Mexican and margaritas.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our property

From there we went to Koby’s sisters’ friends house (yes, I was slightly nervous to already be meeting the sister!) and played a few games of LCR. At that point, I knew I could get used to nights like that. Days went by and we were inseparable. Saw each other every day. It was scary how we instantly connected but exciting at the same time. Our chemistry was so natural. Fast forward almost two and a half years and here we are building our new home together.

how they asked

Since building our new home, we check progress weekly and one day we met at the property in the afternoon. We stood there together and Koby tells me “this is our forever home.” I turned around as we were about to leave and Koby was down on one knee with the ring of course and asked if I would be his forever.

My reaction? I asked if the ring was fake! Not because it looks fake by any means, but simply because I was completely caught off guard and in shock, because I knew Koby had been planning to have family and friends present when he popped the question. I looked around and there was nobody else. Of course, I said YES! It was perfect. Just the two of us at our forever home. And now we get to plan our wedding and our future together!

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