Jessica and Kiffer

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How We Met

There was a new hospitality company opening up, and people from across the World auditioned for a position. They hired 150. On orientation, we had ten minutes to meet a stranger and introduce them to the group. Everyone stood up and started moving around. I looked across the room and it was like the sea parted. There was only one person sitting down; it was a boy dressed head-to-toe in Steelers gear. I found out later that he was very sick that day, but I say it’s fate, because he was the only person sitting down, wearing bright yellow. If there was ever a beacon, that was it. I walked over and introduced myself. What are the odds that out of the thousands of people who came for this job, we were hired, and out of the hundreds of people in a room, he was the first person I met. It’s crazy to think about!

After that, we actually hardly saw each other; we were often assigned to work different areas and only passed in the halls with an occasional hello. Time went on, and one night we happened to go to a work outing that only a handful of people showed up for. Kiffer struck up a conversation and we ended up talking all night into morning, and the next day, and the next three days. We would leave a restaurant and still be talking to each other on the phone until we went to bed. We would text each other as soon as we woke up and all the way until we met for lunch. Pretty soon, it didn’t make sense to ever leave each other. We very suddenly were in love.

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how they asked

We were just sitting at home watching a movie. Kiffer kept staring at me, and I could see him out of the corner of my eye. I kept asking what he was looking at, and he didn’t respond. He almost seemed frozen. I asked if everything was OK, and he started speaking very slowly and gave a sweet speech. When he asked “Will you marry me?” I didn’t have to think twice. I said yes! He was so excited that he asked “Will you marry me?” every day for a month after that. I still smile when I think about it.

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Kiffer wanted to make sure I was part of the design of my ring, because if I was wearing it every day, he wanted me to love what I saw. He flew us to New York where we sat down with a jeweler and customized a dream ring from start to finish. It took 5 hours to refine all the details. When I see my ring, although beautiful at face value alone, I see all the time and effort he took to make sure I felt included and loved. I see how thoughtful he is, how much he respects my opinion, and how he wants to make every decision together as a couple. Plus, there’s a flower shape cut into the center of my diamond, so it’s like he found a way to give me flowers every day! My ring truly represents our love, and it’s a beautiful reminder every day.

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