Jessica and Kieran

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How We Met

We met in Seoul, South Korea, summer of 2013. Both of our families were stationed there and happened to be neighbors. We actually only saw each other two days, with one of those days was when we met. He was going to school at West Point in NY, so I never met him until he was home for training that summer. Their family was throwing a little BBQ and invited us. This was the summer we were moving back to the United States so our house was empty at this point. Right when my family showed up at their door, his parents automatically introduced me to him and made us become FB friends. He was shy and I was just beyond talkative so we balanced each other well. The next and the last time we will see each other was because we had a going away party hosted by our neighbors. My little sister loved playing with his youngest brother so I told her to ring the doorbell and ask his brother to play and only if he came out to hang with us also. We sat outside on the curb in humid South Korean nights getting to know each other and just talking for hours before we said goodbye. We didn’t see each other for a year and a few months but during that time, we video chat, talked once in awhile. During this, I fell in love with him hard but he couldn’t read me well with all my flirting so I had to straight up tell him “I think I love you”. We started dating long distance then… we had no pictures of us together which made me sad sometimes. From there, we lived opposite ends of the US and flew many times to each other. Him to WA and me to NY…I can’t complain about NYC though!!

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how they asked

We have been planning for Thailand for years. Thailand is where I am from and I missed my family so much. Kieran makes all my dream comes true and when this was confirmed (Thanks Army!!), I cried and started planning right away. We had a full two weeks and I was loaded with excitement. I had some thoughts that this was when he would ask because all my friends put it in my head because everyone was waiting for something like this to happen. I was SO focused on seeing my family and doing things we planned that it did not cross my mind. Well, the night of July 11th, 2018, we were at a restaurant right at the edge of Andaman Sea at sunset. We just ordered our food and enjoying the view. Now, I haven’t eaten a full meal all day so once the food came I dove in. Kieran had something else in mind, he got the waitress all in the plan (somehow communicated with them in Thai when he knew NONE). I put food in my mouth and in the corner of my eye I see him on one knee and he said “let’s make this night a whole lot better…” and I put down my spoon and just couldn’t believe it. Everyone in the corner saw what was happening and kept saying “Say yes say yes” So after I said yes to him, I turned to look at them and said “Yes I said yes!!!” We ate and then called our parents and that was where my parents got engaged many years ago and we had NO idea!!

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