Jessica and Kevin

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How We Met

It was the summer of 2016, and I was competing my first year of my doctorate program. Throughout the year, I had become good friends with the one guy in my cohort, Jorge. Jorge had been my rock throughout my first year of grad school; I had been a rocky relationship with a man that did not respect me or make me happy. Jorge was the one person I could vent to, who would listen to me and not pass any judgement. It was June, and Jorge and I participated in a research forum with several of our other classmates. I of course posted pictures of the event to Facebook! The day after the forum, I noticed that this guy, Kevin, had liked one of the pictures I had posted from the forum. I definitely thought he was attractive, and immediately check to see who our mutual Facebook friend was. Turns out, it was Jorge!

Over the next few days I bugged Jorge for information about Kevin. Jorge, being the good friend he is, talked Kevin up, making him sound like the best guy in the world. My interest was definitely piqued, however, I was still in the midst of ending my rocky relationship and was obviously not looking for a new relationship at the time.

Fast forward to July 2016, I had decided to stay with my parents instead of in my apartment so I could have space and figure my relationship status out. My really good friend, Emily, invited me to go up to Boston with her and our high school friend, Courtney, for the weekend. I decided to take her up on the offer, excited for a girls weekend and to get my mind off of the drama that surrounded my previous relationship. As we were planning on activities to do while we were in Boston, I realized that Jorge had told me he grew up near Boston. I decided to reach out and see if he was going to be in the Boston area that weekend; turns out he was! Jorge suggested that we meet up while my friends and I were up there, so we made plans to meet at a country bar, Loretta’s Last Call, in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston.

The Friday of our girls weekend, which we have now renamed Wicked Wild Weekend, had finally arrived. We made plans with Jorge to meet at Loretta’s for 10pm that night. I was super excited to let loose and have a good time. Jorge then told me that he was bringing his brother and his friend, Kevin, with him to the bar. It was around 11pm and Jorge finally arrived! I got one look at Kevin and instantly melted. I remember running across the bar to my friends, slapping the table and yelling, “He’s so HOT!!!” The night was filled with alcohol, laughter, and good times all around. We made plans to meet up as a group the next night, which we did. Kevin and I exchanged numbers and began texting immediately. Saturday night we stayed out until 3am talking in a park. We talked about ourselves, got to know one another, and established our mutual interest in one another. The next day, he took off of work for the second day in a row, and hung out with me, Emily, and Courtney. We explored Boston together and had an amazing day. He was too shy to hold my hand, so he would walk really close to me, brush his hand against mine, and then put some distance between us. Later, he told me that he was nervous to hold my hand because he didn’t want to give off the wrong impression to my friends.

That weekend finally came to an end, and I had told Kevin that if he just wanted a fling or would stop talking to me as soon as I left Boston, to tell me then and there. He assured me he wasn’t that type of guy, and texted me until he fell asleep that night. For the next 10 months we endured a long-distance relationship; traveling to visit one another about every 2-3 months. I had ankle surgery within this timeframe, and he travelled to see me the day after the surgery and was the best nurse a girl could ask for! We moved in together in May 2017, and have since adopted a kitten together. The past year and a half has been amazing, and I can truly say I’m going to marry my best friend!

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how they asked

It’s Christmas weekend 2017. Kevin and I have a very intense and busy weekend ahead of us, and I, of course, was getting sick! We began the weekend by traveling from Washington, DC (where we live), to NJ, to RI. Friday we spent time with his family and finally got to the hotel around 11pm. Saturday we travelled from RI to Boston to see a Boston Bruins game (my Christmas gift from Kevin)! I was feeling awful, but I didn’t want to put a damper on our weekend together. We went to the Bruins game, and the seats that Kevin got were AMAZING; we were sitting six rows from the ice! The game was awesome, with a Bruins win! We then went to check in to the Omni Parker House, the very hotel I stayed in when I celebrated my Sweet 16!

We spent a few hours relaxing and getting ready for a nice dinner together. Kevin asked if I wanted to go take a walk through the historic Quincy Market, with the intensions of finding a Christmas gift for my mom. It was miserable outside! I was sniffling and coughing, it was raining, icing, and the cobble stone roads were slushy. Kevin was acting weird the entire time we were walking around. He would stop and look around, then look at me, then continue to walk. After about 45 minutes of being outside he suggested that we go back to the hotel and decide what we wanted to do for dinner. We decided on eating at the hotel’s restaurant, Parker’s Restaurant. It’s the same restaurant that JFK announced his intentions to run for Congress, and where Malcom X worked as a busboy. While we were eating dinner Kevin was still acting a little strange. We talked about what we were going to do after dinner, and Kevin asked if we could go back to Quincy Market to get cookies from a cookie stand. I was really confused because he had said several minutes before that he was going to order the Boston Creme Pie for dessert. I questioned why he wanted both pie and cookies and he insisted he wanted both.

As we were eating dinner I remembered that Kevin had told me that he got me a second Christmas gift. So, in an attempt to get him to stop acting so weird I asked when I was going to get the second gift. He turned bright red, began to smile from ear to ear, and was scrambling to find words. He then began to tease me and told me he had it with him but that he wasn’t going to give it to me until later. I, of course, began to pout. He asked if I wanted the gift then, and I obviously said yes. Kevin then proceeded to tell me to close my eyes so he could get the gift out of his jacket. I placed my hands over my eyes, excited to see what my gift was! He then took my left hand in his, told me to open my eyes, and asked, “Will you marry me,” as he slid a beautiful rose gold solitaire diamond engagement ring onto my ring finger. I was so excited, shocked, and caught off guard. I asked, “Are you serious?!,” about five times before finally saying, “YES!!!”

The restaurant ended up giving us a Boston Creme Pie to share with beautiful and delicious chocolate-covered strawberries, as well as two cappuccinos. We celebrated by calling our family and friends, taking pictures in the hotel lobby, and falling asleep while watching “The Grinch.” The next day we headed to Gillette Stadium to see a New England Patriots game (my Christmas gift to Kevin), followed by another road trip back to NJ. It has been a whirlwind of a weekend, with lots of congratulations, visiting and exchanging gifts with family and friends, and eating/drinking a lot! We are so ecstatic to begin the planning process and cannot wait to start the rest of our lives together!