Jessica and Kenny

Jessica and Kenny's Engagement in Restaurant for a graduation party for myself, my sister, a going away party for my brother & a welcome home party for my stepbrother

How We Met

Kenny & I met in December of 2013. I started to follow him on twitter a few months back because we had a mutual friend in common. Fast forward to December I was having an ugly sweater party & have had my eye on him for some time now so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to invite him! I told my best friend I was going to message him & she told me not too because I had never met him before & that he might get the wrong impression but I didn’t listen & invited him anyway. He actually showed up to my party! 3 days later we went on our first date & 2 days after that we hung out again & the rest is history! We were inseparable after that. It completely threw us both off because we weren’t looking to be in a relationship when we had met but it was the perfect timing if you ask me!

how they asked

This past May I graduated with my MBA from Florida Institute of Technology. My little sister had just graduated with a bachelors degree from Rutgers University also. So my mom wanted to throw us a combined graduation party but she decided to make it a huge party instead to include my little brother who was getting ready to leave for boot camp since he just enlisted in the Air Force & my stepbrother, who is currently in the Air Force, was coming home to visit.

Right after my graduation in May, Kenny & I had went ring shopping. We have also been talking about getting married for well over a year but the timing was not right since I was in school & Kenny was studying for his engineering license. But I knew once we went ring shopping that he was going to propose at least by the end of the year.

Fast forward to the big party on July 8. The one event I would not have expected him to propose at! Earlier that day he said you know I’m going to give a speech (he always jokes around about making me the center of attention in public because I get REALLY REALLY shy), but I just brushed it off like “yeah okay.” My mom started to give a speech to congratulate all of her children for their accomplishments. Then Kenny came out of nowhere & called me up to the front. I first said no under my breath because at that moment, I knew what we was about to do & I was so nervous to walk up! There is no way he would have called me up in front of all of this people if he wasn’t going to propose. There would have been a mutiny in there! Kenny started his speech & I couldn’t believe it was happening, then he got on one knee & made my entire life! I honestly didn’t remember what he said until I watched the video over. I am so glad he did it in front of all our family & friends because it made it that much more special. A few of my family members knew & my best friends knew (which is how we got the engagement video). I am pleasantly surprised that many people kept a secret! My heart was & is still so full! We are set to marry on May 24, 2019. We are both the oldest in our families, so this is the first marriage for both of our parents. It is going to be something special & we cannot wait!

Where to Propose in Restaurant for a graduation party for myself, my sister, a going away party for my brother & a welcome home party for my stepbrother

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