Jessica and Kenneth

How We Met

Kenneth and I were set up by my best friend. She had been out with a co-worker one evening and Kenneth overheard them talking about Texas. Being the native Texan he is, he decided to join in on the conversation. I never knew about this encounter until several months later when she told me “There’s this guy and my co-worker knows him a bit better than I do, but from what she knows of him and what I know of you, we kind of think you might hit it off!” I most definitely didn’t put my hope in it, but I wasn’t opposed to meeting this guy from Texas.

That next weekend, my best friend invited me out to grab drinks with her and some other girls. “Great! Girls night, sounds fun!”, I thought. Unbeknownst to me, she decided to invite Kenneth along and so as I walk into the restaurant, I see all these girls…. and then Kenneth. It was so funny! We all had a great time and decided to head outside to the fire pits the restaurant had set up and that was when Kenneth struck up a conversation with just me and slowly but surely, I noticed each one of the girls slowly just left our circle and made themselves busy talking with others and joining in other conversations.

It was a Sunday night, so eventually all the girls said their goodbyes, but since Kenneth and I were engaged in such wonderful conversation, we decided to stay…. for two and a half hours! I recall as he walked back into the bar to grab me another drink, I texted my mom and said “I just met THE nicest guy!” and as I drove home I said aloud “What in the world was THAT?!” There was such a deep connection and ideas we shared that night, that there was certainly something special that happened.

We have been inseparable ever since and were engaged four months after we met and married four short months after our engagement :)

how they asked

Kenneth invited me over to his apartment for an elaborate Valentine’s dinner he cooked for me. I walked in and there were roses and candles everywhere and the most thoughtfully prepared meal I’ve ever seen. We enjoyed amazing conversation about life and about our week when I just couldn’t handle it anymore… I wanted to give him his present! As he opened his mini iPad, his eyes lit up with excitement as he explored his newfound toy. I always joke that he knew he had to outdo me and that’s why he proposed that night, but he disagrees :)

With a mention to close my eyes and wait for the present he was about to bring out, I thought maybe there was a chance, but wasn’t fully convinced it was a ring. When I opened my eyes, he was down on one knee and declared the sweetest and most tender sentiments as he spoke of spending a lifetime of living an adventure together.

I said yes and the rest is history!

Image 1 of Jessica and Kenneth