Jessica and Keith

Jessica and Keith's Engagement in Kinzua Bridge State Park

How We Met

Keith and I met in middle school where we were 13 years old.

how they asked

Keith and I have been together since we were 13 we are now 23. Months before Keith proposed he was sending me hints randomly. When the time came I had to put all the hints together to find clues that spelled places that meant something in our relationship. He disappeared and I was sent on a very extensive scavenger hunt that led to more clues. The final clue was a book that Keith had been writing for the last four years of our relationship while he was away in college.

The book was based on our lives before we met, and our lives throughout our wonderful years together, and where we are today. I had to read the entire book because throughout the book coordinates were hidden. The coordinates led me to Keith the next morning where he proposed to me at Kinzua Bridge located in Pennsylvania. Of course, I said yes!