Jessica and Justin

We had a friend from high school who was just getting into photography after we started dating & had offered to do a photo shoot of us at a local park. They were always my favorite pictures of us ! She ended up doing a couple of photoshoots of us over the course of our relationship, so it didn’t seem odd to me when she reached out to me shortly after our 6 year anniversary.

She asked for us to meet at the same park that we first went to & of course I was all over the idea. We did a casual outfit as always & then after changed into the formal outfit. We made it out to the dock, and when I turned around he was on one knee. His speech brought me to tears, & as if that wasn’t already perfect, I look over and his dad was driving their boat with our entire family on it meeting us at the shore. Still getting goosebumps…

Image 1 of Jessica and Justin

Image 2 of Jessica and Justin

Image 3 of Jessica and Justin

Image 4 of Jessica and Justin

Image 5 of Jessica and Justin

Image 6 of Jessica and Justin

Special Thanks

Whitney Core
 | Photographer