Jessica and Justin

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How We Met

It’s a bit of a long story, but Justin and I met about 6 years ago in a pretty traditional way at an 18th birthday party. I feel like we were bound to meet at some point because we actually grew up in the same suburb a street away from each other and had shared many similar memories although never crossing each other’s path. It wasn’t until I had turned 18 and my parents moved overseas that I needed to find a place to live. So, at the time I had been going to a youth group and there was a girl there Bree (my new best friend) who I had gone to primary school with and she offered me a room in her family’s house, which I accepted very gratefully. A month after I moved in she said she was having a house party for her 18th, which my initial response was to not go because “it wasn’t really my thing”. But she managed to convince me by saying that, “It will be so much fun, do you really want to be stuck up in your room when everyone is downstairs having a good time”.

So, I ended up going and OMG, I am so glad I did because it is where I met the man of my dreams and I really did fall in love at first sight! We had been eyeing each other throughout the party and my friend Bree had told me she thought Justin and I would get along because we had similar interests and he happened to be the best friend of Bree’s boyfriend. So that is when it started, he approached me and we talked for hours, it felt like no one else was in the room, it was just us two. He was telling me how he had dreams to help people and to become a doctor and I told him I was about to start my nursing studies. We could not believe how much we had in common. It really felt like I had known him for ages even though we had just met. From that night on the talking did not stop and the most romantic and beautiful dates began. I am so grateful I said yes to that party.

How They Asked

Justin being his usual self in being amazing at everything he does, had planned the most beautiful proposal ever. However, before the proposal, he had planned to propose 6 months earlier in June in Croatia, which is where my family heritage is from. Like a lot of people though, our Europe travel plans had to be canceled due to Covid-19. Which as sad as it was, was almost for the better because I had suspected that he may propose overseas as he had told me he had booked in a restaurant there 4 months in advance. So, my mind began to think, “Why else would he book something in so early, unless he is planning something?”. With the Croatia trip canceled, I thought maybe he will propose next year in 2021 if we go away somewhere else, but little did I know he was planning to do it still for 2020. This made the surprise even better because I had no idea whatsoever when I walked into the room where he proposed.

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The week before the proposal, Justin had told me he had booked us in a weeks’ time for a nice lunch and dinner and we were staying at a hotel for the night. Now my mind did not wonder, as his reasoning was that it was the day in between both our birthdays and he wanted to do something nice for it as we had agreed to not get presents for each other this year. I thought it was such a lovely idea and Justin being his romantic self has done many things like this for me throughout our relationship, I am a very lucky girl!

The days leading up to the proposal were quite wet and rainy and I was saying to Justin, you sure we should be spending our day out this Friday in the rain? Little did I know, he had initially planned to propose in a special spot of ours onlooking the bridge, but due to the wet weather plans had to change very last minute to an even more beautiful spot onlooking the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. With the help of My Proposal Co., they were able to create the most magical proposal spot.

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On the day of the proposal Friday 18.12.2020, he had planned a very eventful day. We had a beautiful breakfast picnic in a beautiful spot to start off the day, just in time before the weather got worse. We then caught a ferry to the place of our first date, Manly, and had a very delicious lunch. Justin said we were then going to go to Milson’s point for a walk, which was where we went for our second date, and me not thinking about this at the time, I just thought “wow how lovely he has planned so much for our birthdays”. I then asked him while we were in Manly if I should put my heels on that I had brought with me while we are on the ferry back so I can wear them to dinner. He says, “one problem, it is not a ferry… but it is the same mode of transport”. He surprised me with a private water taxi that took us to Milson’s Point and then Circular Quay. It was so beautiful being on the boat as it was open, and we could see water all around us, and growing up on the Northern Beaches I have always loved being around water. After our lovely walk, we arrived in Circular Quay and we walked up to our hotel which was also a surprise.

I turned the corner and it was the “Shangri-La Hotel Sydney”, our first-ever hotel we stayed in together and we stayed there for our first anniversary together. We went to the check-in desk and were wearing masks at the time as per hotel protocols and Justin started getting a bit nervous because he could not remember the pin on his card to make the deposit to check-in. I feel like I can laugh at this next bit now, knowing why he really was so stressed. But at the time, I looked at him and he had his glasses on and because of the mask his glasses were completely fogged up and he was getting more stressed by the second. I said to him “Babe, it’s ok to take your time we’re not in any rush” and eventually he remembered. We went upstairs to the room, and I was thinking we will have some time in the room before dinner.

The moment: He gave me the hotel key to open the door, and it was a beautiful double door. I opened it and me being myself, was looking around to put the key into a slot to turn the lights on (even though they were already on). Justin says “Jess turn around”. I still get goosebumps thinking about this moment. I turned around and there was a hallway that looked onto a runway of white carpet, lined with candles and bouquets of vibrant red roses, photo frames of our special memories all leading to a J & J sign with the Harbour Bridge in the background. Then I heard such joy to my ears, as our song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran started playing. I instantly felt my heart pounding and tears of happiness poured down my face (like they are now as I write this, haha). I walked down the carpet with Justin following me, until I got to a table of all our favorite things and polaroids of us. He gave his speech of how we had been together for a while now and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and I could not stop sobbing, I was the happiest I have ever been. He then knelt on one knee and I pretty much screamed YES! I felt like such a princess at this moment, it was truly like something out of a movie and it could not have been done without the incredible help of My Proposal Co! Just wanted to say a special thanks to My Proposal Co, Kyle Ingram the photographer, and Shangri-La hotel for making this all possible. I will treasure this day for the rest of my life.

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