Jessica and JP

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How We Met

JP and I first met at a baseball game and shortly after started to spend time together. Sadly, I was only home for two weeks visiting my parents before I moved to Aspen for work. However that didn’t deter JP, he seemed to be set on pursuing me as much as I was him. We spent all of our time together, watching Disney movies, froyo dates and as you can imagine I went to plenty of baseball games!

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Two blissful weeks flew by in the blink of an eye and it was time for me to leave. I remember looking JP in eyes and asking him “Was this just fun and done? Or are we going to be together?” his response rendered me speechless and teary-eyed when he said “I can’t be without you. I love you.” And so we were…

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Long-distance, moving back home to be together, fishing trips, vacations, and many, many baseball games later, here we are GETTING MARRIED!!!

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How They Asked

On a Thursday evening, I got a surprise phone call from my brother, Matthew. He was calling to invite JP and me to Nashville for Memorial Day weekend kind of last minute. So on a whim, JP and I packed up our stuff, hopped in the Jeep that Friday morning, and headed back to my hometown. Matthew had a whole BBQ planned and casually mentioned going downtown to see how empty it would be due to COVID.

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We arrive downtown and agreed to park in free parking and just take the pedestrian bridge over. As we were walking up, I noticed how pretty the skyline was and asked my brother’s girlfriend, Natasha, to take a photo of us. Unbeknownst to me, JP had been planning all of this out with my brother and family all along.

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As I turn around after admiring how beautiful the city I had grown up in had changed so much he whispers to me in the sweetest, sincere voice, emotions flooding his beautiful face, “I told you I’d suprise you.” Historically speaking, I’m quite tough to surprise due to my strong instinct and nosey tendencies. However, when I saw him drop to one knee, it all became so real. He gave me the surprise of a lifetime and asked me to be his wife!!

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To make things even more exciting JP had coordinated an additional suprise for us, a 2-hour photoshoot downtown to commemorate the best suprise ever!

Special Thanks

Wilde Company
 | Photographer