Jessica and Joshua

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How We Met

I was staying in on a Sunday night watching movies after I was three days post op from getting my tonsils out when my phone went off with a Facebook notification. I got a friend request from a Josh Bernardo. I asked myself who’s this? Do I know him? I creeped for a little bit before I accepted him and I saw how many mutual friends we had. I figured since we had so many mutual friends Ive seen him out before or he’s bumped into me at work. Before I went and accepted him I did what most snobby “I’m too good for you” type of girls would do and messaged him saying “Do I know you?” He responded back that I looked familiar and how we have mutual friends. So I went on and accepted his request and had access to a lot more of his pictures. So I sat there for hours scrolling through his pictures all the way to pictures from 2007. After some thorough investigating I thought to myself how it was too good to be true.

I played it cool for a little bit but there was no denying that I was into him. It took no time for us to plan a night to meet. Although I was recovering from a surgery and was advised to be on bed rest for two weeks, it was hard for me to listen to doctors orders after talking to josh and wanting more than nothing to meet him that very night. But I was in pain and very swollen so I had to push our first meeting a week out. Everyday he would text me and ask how I was doing and tell me how he couldn’t wait for me to get better so we could go out and finally meet. The night finally came, even tho it was a week of us talking back and forth on the phone it was worth the wait. He was even more dreamy in person. We hit it off that night and many calls,texts, and dates followed. I knew after that night we were a perfect match and it didn’t take long for me to know he was the one.

how they asked

I had planned a trip to our favorite city, New York for Josh’s 27th birthday. I had everything planned, an entire itinerary for each day. On the day he proposed to me it was a gorgeous sunny day in the city. I planned walking the Brooklyn bridge over to the Brooklyn bridge pier for a beautiful view of the city and to grab a drink. I then planned going to lunch at a roof deck after we toured Brooklyn. Little did I know josh had different plans and deviated from my itinerary. I had bought josh an engraved lock that said ‘Josh &Jess 02/11/15’ to hang on the Brooklyn bridge pier and I planned on him opening this gift as soon as we arrived to the pier. My mother who knew about josh’s gift told him about it and josh went and got the exact same lock but instead got it engraved ‘will you marry me’.

The morning of our engagement at the hotel he secretly switched the boxes of the locks inside so when I handed him his gift at the pier, he opened it in front of me and there it read ‘will you marry me’. I was completely shocked and was confused how the locks were changed, by the time it all processed and I read the lock a few times he was down on one knee looking up at me.

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After all the shock and tears of joy he told me there was a photographer just a few feet away snapping away during our magical moment. He pulled off the most breathtaking surprise and put so much effort into this proposal.

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This trip was suppose to be about him and celebrating his birthday but he so selflessly made it about me. It was a fairytale and a dream come true.

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Special Thanks

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