Jessica and Joshua

He picked me up from work on a Thursday for a quick dinner date since we had a lot to do the next couple days (our housewarming party was scheduled for Saturday). He tried to take me to our first date restaurant but the were closed due to a kitchen fire so we improvised and ended up at pizza. As we were eating dinner he mentioned there was a store he wanted to go to but they closed at 7 so we had to hurry! He drove for what seemed liked forever (he has a tendency to get lost-haha!) and we stopped at the local private airport- he booked us a helicopter tour! We walk in meet the pilot and he has us follow him over to the helipad. We make our way over to the helicopter and just before we get in he turned me around and got down on one knee! He hired a photographer and decorated the inside of the helicopter and everything. It was a night to remember!

Image 1 of Jessica and Joshua

Image 2 of Jessica and Joshua

Image 3 of Jessica and Joshua

Special Thanks

Andrea Gunn
 | Photographer
Capitol Helicopters
 | Planning