Jessica and Joshua

How We Met

We met on the bus in 8th grade but didn’t start talking until 9 years after graduating. I really liked him but couldn’t figure out how to get him to go on a date with me. I was up hunting for small game in northern Minnesota and asked Josh if he wanted to try a porcupine.

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He said absolutely and I luckily found one the next day! I drove hours to meet him. I handed over the porcupine in a box and he drove off. The next day he asked me on a date saying it was a good tastin’ porcupine!

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How They Asked

Over a year after courting him with a porcupine Josh proposed by giving me a porcupine hand puppet for Christmas at my parents’ farm in the spot he first told me he loved me.

When I pulled the puppet off his hand, he was holding the box and got down on one knee. I was completely surprised and didn’t hesitate to say YES! After we get married we hope to start trying for a little porcupine of our own!