Jessica and Joseph

How They Asked

“After 4 years of dating, Joey pulled off the surprise of a lifetime …

I had only been at my new job for a couple of weeks and it was already time for the big holiday party. It was a black tie affair on a Friday night. I got all done up and Joey was in a tuxedo.

It was raining outside so Joey had an Uber waiting for us downstairs (or so I thought). We were on our way to the party and the driver started chatting on his phone and the next thing I know, the car stops and he says, “family emergency, I am so sorry but I need you to get out.”

Before I could even gather my thoughts, we were standing in the rain and Joey had an umbrella over both of us.

All I heard was “you have been my best friend for four years” when I looked down and saw rose petals on the ground leading to a carpet that was covered in more rose petals and it was right in front of the Christmas tree in Washington Square Park, our happy place in the city.

There was so much sensory overload that the next thing I heard was the song “crazy love” by Van Morrison, our song. It was coming from an a capella group that seemed to appear out of no where!

There was a photographer and a videographer capturing everything as Joey got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

When we walked back, the “Uber” that had forced us out was waiting for us. It was actually a private car that had been on it from the beginning. In fact, Joey had tested over a dozen drivers until he found the perfect supporting actor. There was champagne waiting and as we drove around to take in the magnitude of what had just happened. We then arrived at Lupa, the restaurant where he had gone on our first date. Inside, our families were waiting to celebrate! Joey made my dreams come true.

The funny thing is I always wanted to make sure my nails were done on the day of my engagement yet still be surprised and could never figure out how that would happen. Joey had been planning for a while but knew the holiday party was the perfect excuse. That and the help of a driver with acting skills made it all possible!”

Proposal Ideas New York City - Washington Square Park


Jessica and Joseph's Engagement in New York City - Washington Square Park

Jessica's Proposal in New York City - Washington Square Park

Wedding Proposal Ideas in New York City - Washington Square Park

Special Thanks

Holly Haffner
 | Photographer
Will Badillo
 | Videographer