Jessica and Jose

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Inside a gazebo surrounded by roses

How We Met

We both went to the same high school, he was a senior and I was a freshman. He was in my older sister’s AP Calc class when she first introduced us. He was, in my eyes, the cutest and coolest senior and I was, of course, so intimidated by him. At the time I was struggling in my own math class, so my sister brought it up to him and he gladly agreed to tutor me. We started a friendship that way, meeting up during lunch for study sessions, which over time turned into study dates, which then turned into actual dates. He was becoming my best friend! We just clicked in a way that we had never clicked with anyone before, and we just knew what we had was special. We continued our friendship until we finally decided to officially become boyfriend and girlfriend at the end of my senior year. He ended up being my prom date, and we both studied at the same university, making our love and friendship would grow stronger day by day.

how they asked

Jose has always been such a romantic. He loves doing cute, random little acts of love that take my breath away every time. But on the morning on 4/29/17, I had no idea what was in store for me. He proposed on a Saturday, and the week leading up to the proposal day, he had mentioned he wanted to surprise me with breakfast spot but he could not tell me where. He knows I love getting breakfast, so I was so excited. That Saturday morning, we get to the car and he tells me to put on a blindfold and headphones. I asked him why I couldn’t just close my eyes and he said “this breakfast spot has themed music that would give away the surprise, just trust me” I, of course, being starving and excited, believed him? so when we get out of the car, I am still wearing the blindfold and have headphones in my ear while we are walking to this “breakfast spot”. I was a little self conscious that people around us would find it weird, but I honestly did not care. He was being his romantic self and just wanted to surprise me. Finally he said “we’re here” And first, took off my headphones. The first thing I heard was our song “La Vie En Rose”, next, he took off the blindfold while I was looking up, so the first thing I saw was the top of the gazebo. My first thought was immediately “OMG HE PLANNED A ROMANTIC PICNIC IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS GAZEBO” but man, was I wrong. I then realized I was standing in front of all our close friends and family, including my parents that live hours away, our siblings holding up signs that said “will you marry me?”. In that moment, I froze and was so in shock that this was actually happening! I couldn’t believe this man I have loved for 7 years, was asking me to marry him! I always thought I would see the proposal coming, but to say that I was surprised is an understatement! I then turned around and there he was, on one knee holding up the most beautiful ring I have ever laid eyes on. (His grandpa is a jewler, so Jose designed it and his grandpa brought it to life!) To this day I still get chills when I think about that very special moment, and months later I still can’t stop staring at my ring, I don’t think I ever will!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Inside a gazebo surrounded by roses