Jessica and Jordan

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Maysville, Ky

How We Met

Jordan and I met through church at Victory Christian Center. Jordan caught my eye when he was singing at church “Grace Win Every Time” I just knew that this man I wanted to be with forever. His heart and soul for the Lord was something I had been looking for. Soon after the awkward meeting we decided to keep meeting more and more and 10 months later we are engaged and happy!

how they asked

The proposal was very surprising and unexpected. We started the day off by headed to Lexington, Ky for dinner and to go to the horse park and watch the southern lights. We then arrived back to Maysville, Ky and Jordan’s mom and sister as well as his future brother in law was outside. I was so confused on what was going. Jordan’s mom said that we couldn’t go inside of the house because she had a Christmas gift for us. So, they blindfolded Jordan and then myself. Obviously Jordan got to take his off. We walked around to the back of the house I had no idea what was going on I was just extremely confused and nervous at this point I thought it was some kind of prank.

Jessica and Jordan's Engagement in Maysville, Ky

As, they handed me a box I took off the blind fold and opened the box that had a beautiful engraving on a piece of wood that read “Jordan and Jess Engaged 12/10/16” at that moment I screamed “WHAT!”

With confusion, mixed emotions and excitement I turned around to find a sign that Jordan had made that read “Will you Marry me” he was down on one knee and asked for my hand and of course I said YES!!!!

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