Jessica and Jonathan

How We Met

Jonathan and I attended the same high school in our town, but were a couple of years apart, so at the time we didn’t know actually know each other. We met in 2013 following his discharge from the U.S Army. We had been talking months prior on Facebook (where he likes to joke that he stalked me), and went on our first date that summer. He took me to every single museum in downtown Charlotte, and sushi for dinner (which at the time he didn’t know is actually my favorite food!).

how they asked

Fast forward 3.5 years into our relationship, we had had a very tough year. We lost my brother very unexpectedly, along with several other deaths, the struggles of nursing school,  and other family matters, I was itching for something good to happen for us. And of course he knew that. We had not been on any sort of vacation in over a year due to life just getting in the way and little time to plan anything. One Friday morning I was laying in bed, he comes bursting in, telling me to pack my bags and that we were going a weekend getaway, just the two of us, to escape the stress for a few days. No questions asked (I’m used to his impulsivity), I got up,  packed my bags and off to Gatlinburg we went. We spent the first day just exploring the city, and eating all the junk food we could find (it’s a hobby).

The next day he asked me what I wanted to do with the day, so I chose a place to go hiking. We went to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, where we hiked to some water falls, which were unfortunately extremely crowded with people. To avoid the crowd we decided to hike down to the river and find somewhere to sit and put our feet in. Once we got down to the river he asked me to set my phone up to take our picture.. I have this thing that I do wherever we go, where I set my phone up on video and then screenshot the photos out of the video. So as soon as I set my phone up, I turned around to walk back his way to take the photo. But instead, he grabbed my hand and said, “you know I love you, right..”, and then I realized what was happening.


I don’t remember a word he said after that, other than asking me to do life with him forever. And I’m pretty sure I even forgot to answer the question! But of course I said yes, and luckily I have the whole thing on video!