Jessica and Johnny

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How We Met

On April 10th, 2014 I was crowned Miss Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. Throughout my weekend, I was in contact with a lot of fans and many different photographers. During a corporate dinner, I got to talking to a photographer named Danny. He kept telling me that I needed to meet his nephew. Well the weekend went on and I never met this so called nephew. Come June of 2014, “hey its johnny” commented on an Instagram photo that I had taken at Disneyland. Since I did not recognize the name I looked through his profile and realized that he loved cars and was at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach just a few months before. We started talking and instantly hit it off. A few days later we went on our first date to Disneyland.

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I knew from the start that there was something different about him. He wanted to get to know me and that was a pleasant change from guys that I had dated in the past. We had many Disney dates over the next few weeks and he slowly was introduced to my family as I was his. But one night we were sitting in the In N Out parking lot by my house and he received a test message and his jaw immediately dropped. Of course I wanted to see why so I leaned over and looked at his phone. Some how he had received a selfie that I had taken at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach with a photographer named Danny. After staring at each other for a few minutes, it clicked. Johnny was the nephew that I was supposed to meet at the Grand Prix but never got the chance to. From that moment on we knew that there was something special and we have been dating ever since.

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how they asked

Johnny had told me to be ready by 10 am the next morning because we had somewhere to go but would not tell me where. This was very unlike him but I decided that I wouldn’t ask questions and instead just go with the flow. So I woke up to start getting ready and there’s Johnny with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. I looked a little shocked and said I still have an hour to get ready. He finally told me that we were going to Disneyland to hang out with his cousins for the day (something we do all the time). So I hurried to get dressed and we were on our way. We got to Disney and had lunch and were talking about our future and how crazy the next few months would be.

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I was graduating with my Bachelors degree from Cal State Fullerton and then starting my Master’s Program at the University of Southern California. We left lunch and went to find his cousins and listen to a few bands that were playing that day. Once the band finished their set he took my hand and told me that he had somewhere to take me. Again normally I would question it, but I decided that it would be more fun to go with the flow. So we left California Adventure and went into Disneyland. Johnny seemed to have a plan as to where we were going, so I just followed his lead. He lead me to the line for Haunted Mansion. This was the first ride that we went on when we went to Disney on our first date. I started to catch on that it was going to be a day full of memories. After we went on the ride, he was on a mission to the next destination. He walked me to the gazebo at the Disneyland Hotel where he had given me my promise ring a few years before. He told me that this was the place that he had promised to stick by my side and that this was just the start of our lives together. After we left the gazebo, we walked to our car in the parking structure.

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He told me that he had one last place that he wanted to take me. We arrived at Seal Beach which is my hometown and where we spent many date nights watching the sunset. He told me he wanted to walk the pier to see the sunset. This was something that we did quite often so I did not think anything of it. We started walking down the pier and it was freezing but I was trying my best to be a good sport. We got back from walking on the pier and he led me to the grass area next to the pier and told me to look at him. I looked at him and he started to tell me many things that he loved about me and our time that we spent together. He was holding my hands and looked at my left ring finger and said I think its time we put a ring on this finger. He reached in his pocket and I was crying as he got on one knee. He had just proposed in my favorite city after taking me on the best day at Disneyland.

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As he stood up and I hugged him, he told me to look towards a tree. Hiding behind that tree was Danny. He had been there from the beginning and now captured the biggest moment of our lives together. We walked down to the beach to take some pictures even though my face was red and blotchy from crying. We said our goodbyes and walked back down Main Street as a newly engaged couple. We passed by my favorite bakery, Sweet Jills, and I asked if we could get a cinnamon roll.

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He said yes and with our cinnamon roll in hand we walked back to the car. Once we got in the car, I told him that I was hungry. Johnny assured me that we had a reservation for dinner but that he promised my mom that we would show her the ring after he proposed. i was very reluctant and did not want to go home to show her but I did not have a choice since he was driving. We pulled up to my house and all the lights were off which was weird but I didn’t think much of it.

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We walked into the door and over 100 friends and family were there to surprise me. I had no idea that he had not only pulled off the perfect proposal but also the perfect surprise engagement party all in one day.

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Special Thanks

Danny Lozano
 | Photographer