Jessica and Johnny

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How We Met

When I was cheering for the NFL, I had a fellow cheer sister who knew this really cute baseball player. She introduced us, but I had a boyfriend at the time. We would keep in touch through group texts that he and I were both a part of and always find ways to make each other laugh. Fast forward to me finally being single again, Johnny was right there to scoop me up. We had great conversations and he asked me one night via text “what if we fall in love?” I sarcastically told him that would never happen, but then ran right to my best friend to tell her how much I really liked this guy. It took several months, but we finally met up for a date night in San Diego and spent the weekend together. By the second night, and second date, he had met my friends, carried me home after I broke my ankle, and completely stolen my heart. The rest is history.

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how they asked

So I have to give Johnny all the credit in the world for pulling off a complete surprise … something I didn’t think we’d have the luxury of experiencing together… this photo says it all… he knew I’d want to explore the lighthouse and climb to the top, he knew I’d want to take a picture…. and we did… but he also knows me well enough not to mention to paint my nails, and not to mention I may want to take my other ring off… because let’s face it, the investigative side in me puts two and two together pretty quickly .. after slicing my finger open on my left hand, driving 12 hours, and not being able to get to clean clothes (so yes I wore the same clothes as the day before) he told me “that’s okay, you can wear that again”… so obviously there’s nothing special planned when you’re wearing clothes from the day before, your nails and hair are a mess, and you still have 7 hours left to drive. Wrong. Johnny has had this entire thing planned out and didn’t let an emergency room visit, my lack of looking my best, or a 7 hour drive home stop him from completely surprising me in the best way ever. This moment was so us. Unconditional love that does not depend on my hair and make up being perfect, caring for me with injuries, and traveling across the country together just because we love each other that much. I am SO grateful to have a man who loves me on my worst days, goes with the flow, and has chosen to show me through not just words, but his actions how much he loves me. God intended for us to love each other this way, He made us for each other, and He has helped us grow together so that “two shall become one”.

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