Jessica and John

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Florence, Italy

How They Asked

I’d been with John for almost 5 years, so I was starting to get the “so where’s the ring?!” questions from everyone I knew. We booked a trip to Italy so in the back of my mind I thought “hmm is this where he’s gonna pop the question?!” We also had a lot of other events coming up this summer so I definitely wasn’t sure if the trip was it. I did, of course, try to make sure I was looking my best the whole trip and had packed some new outfits. ? Well, we were at our stop in Florence renting the cutest apartment I’ve ever seen. On our fourth morning of the trip, I woke up and took a shower. Going through my usual routine, brushed my teeth and put on a new pair of pajamas to wear while getting ready for the day. Sounds like a pretty ordinary morning, right?? Next thing I know, my best friend in the world is down on one knee. Turns out it was better than any moment on the Ponte Vecchio or at the Trevi Fountain could’ve ever been!

Jessica's Proposal in Florence, Italy