Jessica and Joey

Jessica's Proposal in In downtown Mount Pleasant across from a cute restaurant

How We Met

We met while I was in high school and he had just started college. We actually met online which was odd because neither of us really expected to find someone, we had both made profiles as sort of a joke with friends. We had our profiles for less than a week, went on a date to an ice skating rink, and deleted them promptly after.

how they asked

Remembering special dates/birthdays is probably what I am worst at. Somehow, the days just don’t stick with me— like when we were in school and had to remember the dates of a certain war. I always missed those questions. However, celebrating birthdays, naturally, is very important to my fiancée and his family. I have known these two facts for the five years Joey and I have been together.

So this year, when Joey told me his family had organized a birthday lunch AND a birthday dinner for him (one on Sunday for friends and family and one on his actual birthday for just family) I didn’t bat an eyelash. After all, I do know how these things go with his family. Anyway, on Sunday October 14th, 2018 we parked the car at his first birthday celebration (spoiler alert: not a birthday celebration) and began down the cutest street in the heart of downtown Mount Pleasant. As we headed toward the restaurant, we approached a quaint little bakery, sweetly decorated for the fall season. He casually mentioned, “Oh, doesn’t this looks very nice?”— And before I could even nod in agreement his grip tightened considerably on my left hand and he stopped walking.

I froze as he slowly began to back up and lower himself onto one knee. His grip was so tight— he knows my personality is not typically condusive to a surprise. At this point, I can hardly make words, except “where is my family”? You see, I knew his family would naturally be at his birthday but my family and best friend who came in from out of town had all pre-planned excuses for this exact moment to ensure that I did not ruin my own surprise. I had no idea this moment was over two months in the making. He told me to look behind him, and when I did I saw our entire families grouped together in a jumble of smiles and tears and cell phone cameras. I looked back down at him with tears in my eyes and said yes— probably a dozen times. The birthday brunch was actually a mini-engagement party with all of our closest family and friends. It was perfect. And after all of this I can truly promise you that I will remember the day I said yes to my best friend: October 14th, 2018.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In downtown Mount Pleasant across from a cute restaurant

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