Jessica and Joey

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How We Met

We met through my best friend! We were set up blindly and met in an NYC bar!

How They Asked

Joey and I would always take our morning walks to Dunkin Donuts and pass the beautiful The Floral Escape. I’ve always wanted to go but we never made it happen! Our good friend who is a photographer is always looking for models to help his portfolio and asked up if we wanted to be models for him. I said I knew of the perfect place! So we go and got dressed up for the beautiful setups they had, We took photos with Santa, etc. We got up to the car backdrop and he got down on one knee right away! I was so blown away because we were at our LOCAL FARM! Never did I think he would have made this about us during someone else’s shoot! But Joey had other plans and it was more than PERFECT!

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Special Thanks

Jason Drazen
 | Photographer