Jessica and Jesse


How We Met

We were in the same kindergarten class. We went to elementary school, middle school, and high school together. We also have grown up a half mile from each other our whole lives.

jessica and Jesse's Engagement in Elementary school playground

how they asked

It was an average sunny morning, we went to breakfast, drove around talked about how our kindergarten teach Mrs.S was retiring in the upcoming week and we were asked to make a “thank you for teaching us” video we had to get done. On our way home, Jesse suggested to pull into our old elementary school and make our video there before they tear down our favorite wooden playground. We were walking down the fields, reminiscing, it was really nice.


As we got closer to the playground he was talking about how much he loved me and how someday there will be a ring, I said I know, brushed it off and kept walking. I noticed he slowed down a bit, and when I went to turn to hurry him up, he was on one knee with a beautiful ring, and asked if I would marry him.


I was shocked, we hadn’t been dating for that long and it was the last thing I expected! I said yes of course. We made the video and proceeded home. I wanted to call my parents but he insisted we just went straight home and told them in person. When I open the front doors both of our families were there, our close friends, and even our extended families from out of town. I instantly cried. All that planning, and secrets, I was impressed.


Special Thanks

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