Jessica and Jesse

how they asked

As a little girl I watched the movie Selena over and over again. I became inspired by her wonderful talent and her love for love! Growing up I always aspired to find a love like she found in the movie; a best friend. So when I finally met my best friend in the Fall of 2012 one would think I would have seen what would be coming in the following years. Looking back on our friendship, I never thought I would marry Jesse. Sometimes love creeps up on you, you find it when you least expect it! After I spent time with this man I noticed that he was very different from any man I had ever met. He opened doors, bought me flowers, rubbed my feet, always had my back, and he said he loved me everyday! I had found my prince! On Christmas Eve 2015, My family and I were headed to the River Walk in dowtown San Antonio for our annual Italian dinner after church service. My father and I passed by my favorite part of the River Walk, the bridge that Selena sat on in the movie! My father said “let me take a picture of you on the bridge”. I walked up the stone steps of the bridge, as I reached the middle of the bridge the crowd parted and I saw nothing but a single rose, the next image I saw was breathtaking. It was Jesse, the love of my life. He was holding a single red rose. He got down on one knee, he said “Jessica, I pray that God allows me to make your wildest dreams come true. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Will you marry me?” I responded with a giant “YES!!!” The crowd clapped and congratulated us the whole night! This wonderful man made my childhood, fairytale dream come true. I found the love I had seen in the Selena movie.This was a love that would last forever.

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