Jessica and Jerome

Marriage Proposal Ideas in American Airlines Flight

How We Met

Last year I (Jessica) was living in Dallas and visiting some girlfriends in Los Angeles for the weekend. I was wrapping up a summer-long commitment of no dating, and nearing my goal of “August 16” which marked when I could begin dating again (for some reason this exact date had been placed on my heart for months. I had a heart on my calendar and everything!) I took the last Sunday flight back to Dallas, not expecting to talk to anyone around me. Since it was a Southwest flight you can pick your own seating, and much to my surprise a VERY handsome man (Jerome) sat next to me. I remember thinking, “This man has to be a movie star… I think he is giving me an alias name” LOL. I felt a voice urge me to talk him, and we had an amazing conversation the entire 3-hour flight and ended up exchanging numbers! He was in Dallas for the week for business, and what would you know… our first date ended up being AUGUST 16! We had rooftop drinks during sunset and knew within the first hour that this was something special. This was what people search for. This was forever. God brought us together when we were finally ready to meet each other. I told my friends and family the next day that I had found my future husband!

Jessica and Jerome's Engagement in American Airlines Flight

How They Asked

Since we met on a plane and that is such a huge part of our love story, of course, it had to be incorporated in our engagement story! Jerome proposed on an American Airlines flight on Christmas and had the whole crew in on it! The pilot made an announcement directing everyone’s attention to our row, and that Jerome had a special announcement to make. In front of everyone, he got down on one knee in the aisle and proposed.

I blacked out, cried, didn’t know what to do with all that attention on me, and was so full of joy and overwhelmed by the love and romantic gesture. The crew started playing “Marry You” by Bruno Mars and one of the flight attendants brought us champagne. It truly was a celebration!

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