Jessica and Jeffrey

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How We Met

Jeffrey and I met when we were freshmen in high school. We were both members of our school’s LEO club and had signed up to wrap Secret Santa presents at Christmas time for a local elementary school, and it has been history ever since. We went on to graduate high school together and stay committed to each other while we went to separate colleges and started our careers.

how they asked

The day before our 9 year anniversary, Jeffrey conspired with my parents to distract me so he could get my dad alone to ask him for my hand in marriage. That night my dad asked for his help to carry a treadmill upstairs from the basement. Meanwhile, my mom distracted me by asking for help with her cell phone. (I was none the wiser to what was really going on, but hey, at least he had to work for my dad’s blessing!) The next day, I met Jeffrey at his house before our plans to go out for our anniversary. After giving him the gifts I got him, he said he had gotten me something as well but it was in another room. Thinking he had just gotten me flowers we headed for that room. When I rounded the corner, I saw a beautiful bouquet of roses surrounded by a candle, a picture of us, and a ring box. I was so shocked that this moment was finally happening when he told me to open the box. Excitedly, I opened the box just to find nothing inside! Jeffrey then told me to turn around, and when I did he was on one knee holding the ring and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!

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