Jessica and Jeff

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How We Met

I was his lead on a mission trip to Germany back in May of 2013. We both were into media so we decided to do a video of the trip together. Today, Jeff is constantly reminding me of how much he was trying to impress me that entire trip. I was clueless. We became friends and for the next year and a half, we were pretty close. He became my best friend, however, Jeff apparently liked me the entire time and was always looking for clues as to whether or not I felt the same about him. In January 2015, he finally told me how he felt about me… in a Chipotle! He took me out on our very first date and afterwards, I told him I just wanted to be friends. We started working together in the TV department of Andrew Wommack Ministries, seeing each other at every turn. Seven months went by and it hurt me so bad because I knew I had fallen for my best friend and yet I was so scared. I was more afraid to be with him than any other guy because with him, I had so much to lose. In July, he came to my office and we got to talking. He ended up telling me that he loves me and he can’t just be my friend anymore. His persistence was astounding! God began to show me how I didn’t think I was worth being pursued the way Jeff pursued me. He said that through Jeff, He was showing me the way I was meant to be treated and quite honestly that frightened me. I told Jeff that I wanted to be with him and that I was sorry for letting fear get in the way. Needless to say, he was pretty excited!

how they asked

On Valentine’s Day, he redid our first date. He took me to an Italian restaurant in downtown Denver and then drove me up Gold Camp Road in the mountains to catch a view of the city. He drove me home, walked me to my door, said goodnight, and walked back to his car… I thought he was tired and wanted to get home. I opened my front door and found an isle of rose petals and candles leading me to my dining room table. There, I found more roses, candles, and a typewriter waiting. On the typewriter, he wrote a note saying, “To the most beautiful writer in the whole world… This chapter has only reaffirmed my suspicions that you and I were made for each other. I love you with all that I am and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So, Miss Jessica Ketchum, will you write this story with me?” I turned around and he got down on one knee. I don’t think my heart ever beat so fast!

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Our Video