Jessica and Jean-Luc

Jessica and Jean-Luc's Engagement in Philadelphia, PA

How We Met

In September of 2015, Our love story began with a swipe of a finger. Jean-Luc and I were on a dating site not actually looking to start a serious relationship, instead to “find new friends,” as Jean-Luc’s profile stated. Well clearly, he found a lifetime friend in me. I mean how could I have swiped left after seeing a picture of him in his Air Force uniform, holding his puppy!? It was too much cuteness for one photo! After chatting on the app for a few weeks, we decided to meet one another in person.

On September 5, 2015, we took the chance and each drove quite a few miles to meet up in Philadelphia. After several arguments before I left the house to go meet up with this random stranger from a dating site, my mom, Debbie, made sure to tell me “not to let him know where you park, so that he can’t follow you home.” All jokes aside, I guess looking back on it now; I should have been terrified to meet a stranger in the city whom I had never even spoken with in person before. But, good thing I didn’t let anyone stop me from meeting this handsome fella. We decided to meet on the Market Street overpass, in Old City, and then head off to grab a bite to eat.

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After parking and getting out of our cars, we walked over to each other and finally met, in person, for the first time. Little did we know what this night would entail. After grabbing a bite to eat, along with a drink, and go figure, me being the first one to take out my phone (because my mom was repeatedly calling me), we decided to head over to Rumor nightclub. Oh yes, I showed my true colors that night walking from place to place, in heels! *ouch* We just had to capture a selfie to remember this night! This is the night that I discovered Jean-Luc’s love for music and dance. After the club practically kicked us out at 2am, we headed back to our cars and drove our separate ways. From then on, the rest was history.

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On October 5, 2015, Jean-Luc asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course I said yes! The following weeks after that, we spent so much time together, traveling, with his sister Justice and her husband Ty. We all had such a blast spending time in Atlantic City, New York, and DC. After the days of fun we had with Justice and Ty, I knew that I would fit right in with the Allegar family.

Since October of 2015, we have created amazing memories together. From road tripping to Tennessee, to flying across the country, we discovered that traveling together is one of our favorite things to do!

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On October 5, 2016, our one year anniversary of dating, Jean-Luc and I, along with his mom, Billie, were heading out to dinner in the city. On our way, Billie had an idea that we should take a picture standing on the overpass bridge where we had originally met (me not knowing that this was all part of the proposal plan). As we reached the bridge and got ourselves ready for a picture, the cue for Jean-Luc from Billie was to take “one last picture.” As we were standing there, Jean-Luc bent over to what looked like to me, him brushing off his shoes, which is so typical for anyone that knows him.

Little did I know, as I began to fix my hair, getting ready for the picture, that Jean-Luc was getting the ring out of the pocket of his blazer. The moment I felt his touch on my side, causing me to turn and face him, was the moment that I had dreamed of. In absolute shock, I threw my head back to take a deep breath, and repeatedly said, YES!

I do not remember if he had even popped the question yet before I blurted out, YES! Thank goodness that we have the proposal on video to play back for the years to come, all thanks to Billie. I am ecstatic to officially become a mommy of two adorable dachshunds, Baxter and Luna.

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