Jessica and Javier

how they asked: On Friday the 14th of August 2015 we went out for dinner with our friends and family, we had a really great time although I couldn’t have as much fun because I was coming down with a cold and a bit of fever. After we finished having dinner and listening to some nice music, we all came home, our aunty dropped us back to my parent’s house, because that’s where he parked his car since we wanted to go all together in one car with my aunty.

When I was about to go inside the house, he asked me to accompany him to see a friend who he said was going to leave for good back to Colombia, and I agreed to go with him because Alejandro (our friend’s name) was one of our companion when we first dated. Although I was feeling a bit reluctant cause of my flu and fever, I still wanted to go with him, thinking anyway it’s a Friday night, let’s chill a bit longer and I thought to myself, it shouldn’t take so long cause it was half past midnight (Saturday, 15th of August 12.30am) and we were both very tired already.

Then we finally got to this one of the best 5 stars Hotels engagedin Jakarta because that was where he used to work around 7 years ago, and he told me that we were going to meet Alejandro there.

As we got into the car park basement, he went to the exact car park spot where we had our first kiss (in the car) then he parked the car there and before going down he asked me, do you remember when we had our first kiss years back right at this spot? and I said yess of course, and he asked me, if you could turn back time, would you want to repeat that moment? and I said for sure.

Then he said, well maybe at that time I wanted to steal a first kiss engagedkiss from you, but now I want to steal you for the rest of my life to be with me, and he reached a ring box behind his car seat, and said: will you marry me?

With a mixed up (overwhelmed, happy, sneezing, nervous) feeling I said, yes!we hugged, had our first kiss again at the same spot only this time as an engaged couple, and there was never Alejandro meeting from the beginning =) PS: We took a welfie, so no specific photographer captured our moment, it was completely just the 2 of us ;)