Jessica and Jave

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How We Met

We met on Instagram and became friends in March of 2016, I lived in Florida and he lived in Hawaii. We bonded over our shared love of hiking, I told him that I was going to be visiting the island in July for vacation and he offered to take me on some hikes. Fast forward to July and he took me on like 8 hikes, ditching work to hang out with me. I remember eating at McDonald’s before a hike and he asked if we could have dinner afterwards, I thought sure no big deal because we always had dinner after a hike.

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He proceeded to suggest for me to wear a dress and we would watch fireworks and I froze. I didn’t realize that he was actually asking me out on a date. He dropped the subject after he saw my deer in headlights face. When I left a few days later to go back home to Florida we continued texting each other and then he confessed his feelings for me. We started dating long distance for the next year, he came to visit me 3 times before I moved to Hawaii in September of 2017.

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how they asked

His best friend Lyncer reached out to me to plan a surprise birthday party for Jave. I’m all for it because I love surprises! I also can barely keep a secret if I’m really excited, but for some reason I was able to keep quiet about this for the whole month of planning it. I made it so when he came home from work that it was a big surprise from his family and friends. They helped to decorate, make delicious food and they even brought in a karaoke machine. He came home after work “surprised” about the whole celebration.

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During the middle of the party he asks for everyone’s attention to thank everyone for coming out and he asked if he could sing me a song, I didn’t think anything of it because he typically loves to sing to me all the time. He sang marry me and then told me afterwards that it was all a surprise for me.

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