Jessica and Jason

Jessica's Proposal in Fountain Inn, SC

How We Met

Jason and I met back in 2015. I randomly received a Facebook message from him one day saying “I see you pass by my house everyday.” I originally thought it was extremely creepy and almost didn’t reply. Come to find out he lived right beside my job. We talked back and forth for a month or so but I was convinced he wasn’t my type. We actually met face to face for the first time at my best friend’s engagement party because he worked with her fiancé. We have been inseparable since.

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How They Asked

Jason told me about a week in advance not to make plans for the upcoming Saturday because he wanted a date night. I always run late for everything so he told me he made reservations to a restaurant I’ve never been to before. Once I got ready and got in the car he told me there was one catch that he had to blindfold me. We rode around for about ten minutes and once I got out he was on one knee and all of my family and closest friends were there to witness it all.

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