Jessica and Jamie

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How We Met

Jamie and I met while I was in Denver for a work trip. I lived in Dallas at the time, but I took an extra weekend on the front end of the trip to visit my friend Noelle who lives in Denver, and on Friday, the first night I got in, we went to a 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s dance party at a dive bar called Hi-Dive. Noelle had recently been on a date with a guy named Dave, so she invited Dave to join us that night, along with several other of her friends.

Dave did end up showing up, and he brought a couple of his friends, including Jamie, my now-fiancé! I noticed Jamie right away, and it wasn’t long before he started talking to me, but I wasn’t interested in “meeting someone” in a bar, particularly in another state. As the night went on, though, I realized that not only was Jamie good-looking, but he was also kind, sweet, and fun to talk to. We danced together the rest of the evening, and he asked for my number before leaving the bar and gave me a kiss goodnight. He texted me after he left and told me that if I wanted to go on a date, he would take me on one sometime during the next few days that I was in Denver.

I did want to see him again, but since Noelle and Dave had been seeing each other, I opted for a double-date before I went home, and the four of us got drinks at a couple different places in Denver on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, Noelle and Dave were not hitting it off this time, but Jamie and I had a grand time getting to know each other and laughing a lot. I had to leave to go home to Dallas the following day, but Jamie told me that if I came back to Denver, he would take me on a date with just the two of us. And after that, for some crazy reason, we continued talking. I don’t think that either of us expected that it would work out, but we both enjoyed talking to each other. First, it was texting, then it was talking on the phone (often for hours at a time), and three weeks later, I was back in Denver to visit Noelle again and to also go on a date with Jamie!

Needless to say, the date went well, and three weeks after that, Jamie was visiting me in Dallas. We took turns visiting each other every three weeks from that point forward. When I received an opportunity to work for the company in Denver that I had gone to visit on the work trip when I met Jamie, I took it, and just like that, I moved from Dallas to Denver six months after Jamie and me met! The rest is history…

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how they asked

Fast forward a year and a half into our relationship, I was turning 28, and Jamie told me that he was taking me to a fancy birthday dinner in the mountains on the Saturday after my birthday. I’m a big-time foodie, so I was excited about this birthday gift! We got all dressed up, and he told me that we would take a couple pictures by Dillon Reservoir before heading to the restaurant. He drove us up to Sapphire Point, and lead me to an overlook with a gorgeous view of the mountains and the reservoir.

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At the overlook, Jamie gave me a letter that he’d written about how much I mean to him, and once I had read it, he started telling me all these sweet things, pulled out a ring, dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him. And of course, I said YES! We were in complete bliss.

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A few minutes later, he told me that there was a camouflaged photographer who had gotten video footage of the event and had been taking photos the entire time too. The photographer came out of hiding and took more photos of us around Sapphire Point, and then at the end of the photoshoot, Jamie popped a bottle of sparkling rosé and some glasses engraved with our names and the date, and we toasted to being future husband and wife. We sat in his truck, sipping the bubbly, warming up, and calling our families for the hour and a half before our dinner reservations.

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To end the night, we enjoyed a fabulous four-course meal at Ski Tip Lodge, even ending with dessert by the fire! It was an absolutely magical day and Jamie couldn’t have planned it better. I am so thrilled and honored to be his wife!

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Special Thanks

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