Jessica and Jameson

How We Met

I was out to dinner on October 11th, for my parents 35th wedding anniversary. It was just the three of us. It was a wonderful dinner and when I got home I was feeling motivated. I had been afraid, for multiple reasons, to put myself out in the dating scene, but I knew if I truly wanted to meet someone, I had to put myself out there.

A few months prior to my parents anniversary, I had been wasting time on Instagram and came across a really cute guy. I’ll admit, I ended up stalking his Instagram page. I noticed how many mutual friends we had, but none of them were the type of friend I felt comfortable asking about this guy. So after sufficient stalking(let’s be honest, we’ve all done it), I realized I had to move on and I eventually forgot about him. About a month later, I was on my lunch break walking up the street, when I saw him sitting outside a cafe! I knew it was him and I immediately felt nervous and awkward because he was even more handsome and taller in person. So did I walk up to him and introduce myself? No, instead I proceeded to walk away quickly in the opposite direction with my head down. Of course, I instantly hated the fact that I couldn’t muster the courage to say hello. A few months pass at this point and it’s now October. A friend told me how much fun she had been having on Bumble, something I had dreaded, but after my parents anniversary dinner, I was feeling hopeful about trying something new. So I figured why not? Swiping through the app, a familiar face popped up. I knew it instantly, Jameson, my internet crush! I was so nervous that I immediately got off the app without swiping. What is WRONG with me? I can’t talk to him in person and apparently even seeing him on a dating app I get terrified. The next day, after composing myself I got back on and vigorously swiped through trying to find him again. He wasn’t there! I started to panic. Had I ruined my one chance? Eventually, after what seemed like the 200th face, I found Jameson! I carefully thought which way I had to swipe to make sure it was a YES and a match was made! Now the way Bumble works is the girl has to write first. So I thought long and hard about what to write. I’m pretty sure I wrote a few drafts before sending anything, but when I did, apparently I wrote something witty enough to make him respond and get a conversation going. Part of our immediate connection was that we’re both dog people, I mean seriously obsessed with our fur babies. My dog Willard is my life and Jameson has a rescue dog as well, Jaxon, who he clearly adored. We decided to meet in person two days later on October 15, 2016, at a place called the Whales Tails, the only place you can go “whale watching” in Vermont, where we could bring our dogs to play off leash. As I pulled up for our date, I noticed him across the parking lot in the field, playing with his dog. I remember through my nervousness, my heart caught in my throat seeing him. This was a man I’ve wanted to meet for months and there he was! We walked and talked as our dogs played in the field around us. After about a half hour of conversation, I made the embarrassing discovery that I was even more of an internet stalker than I initially thought. Turns out he owns a popular dog Instagram page, @DogsBeingBasic and I unknowingly would tag his page in my dog’s photos, I mean like every single post! I was so humiliated that I went home that night and deleted every tag I could find hoping he’d never find out! When I eventually told him, months later, luckily he thought it was hilarious.

how they asked

Just over a year later on a Sunday morning in November, Jameson and I woke up and joined a bunch of my cousins for a spin class. We had planned later in the day to go on a doggie date to introduce our dogs to my cousin Madeline’s new puppy at the Whales Tales, the same place we had our first date. After spin class one of my cousins suggested we all go to brunch. I noticed Jameson acting a little cranky about how long brunch might take, but I figured he was just hungry, so I didn’t think much of it and told him to stop whining. Brunch, of course, went a little longer than normal and it was getting close to the time we had to meet up with Madeline and her dog. I suggested we just go get our dogs and head out to our meeting spot.

Jessica's Proposal in The Whales Tales

Jameson became a little adamant that we go back and shower first in case we meet up with friends later. I found this to be very strange since he rarely cares about things like that, but he also knows me well, so we went and got cleaned up, grabbed our pups and headed out to our doggie date. Once we arrived I didn’t want to get out of the car until my cousin arrived since it was cold and windy, but Jameson insisted we get out and let the dogs run. So we got out and I refused to move far from the car in case my cousin didn’t know where to go (I was being very stubborn). Just then Madeline texted us saying her dog got really sick and won’t be able to make it. I got really worried but Jameson took my hand and said “he’ll be fine” and started to lead me across the field.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Whales Tales

It was extremely muddy and hard to walk through, but the dogs were having a great time, so we decided to walk up the Whales Tales. Once we got up the hill Jameson asked if he could take a photo of me and the dogs. I got down with the dogs and he took a few photos of me and then said: “okay, now take a picture of me with the dogs”. I was freezing at this point so I put my hood up, grabbed his phone, took off my gloves and when I went to take his photo, Jameson was down on one knee with a box and my dog Willard proudly standing next to him! I went into shock and immediately started tearing up. It was completely unexpected and the perfect full circle coming back to the place where we both met!

Jessica and Jameson's Engagement in The Whales Tales

He told me that the day we met he texted a friend saying “I think I just fell in love.” He knew it then, and so did I. Sometimes when you know, you know. Jameson had the biggest grin on his face, while I had tears streaming down mine. I tearfully and happily said “Yes!” Once I could gather my composure, I turned around to see a man taking our photo. Thinking it was just a nice passerby I smiled, but quickly realized Jameson had an actual photographer on site for us! I love that these pictures were captured because this is a moment I’ll never forget, but now I’ll be able to relive forever.

Mothers Know: My mom revealed to me not too long ago, that the morning after their anniversary dinner she woke up, grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down the following: “One year from today, October 12, 2016, there will be a wonderful man in my daughter’s life! Jessica Anne will be in love and he will fall in love with her. They will get married in the fall of 2018.” She wasn’t sure what made her write that other than a dream, but the day she wrote that, coincidentally, is the day that I gathered enough courage to join the dating app, which lead me to Jameson. That was 2016, Jameson and I are getting married this August 25th, 2018.

Special Thanks

Justin Jenny
 | Photographer