Jessica and James

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How we met: My freshman year I joined Alpha Sigma Alpha and was really focused on getting involved on campus and having fun with my new sisters. One of the first organizations I joined was Tom’s Club. That first meeting I was nominated as secretary, evidently James was also at the meeting, but I unfortunately didn’t even notice him even though he nominated one of his brothers for secretary as well. A short time later, I had a philanthropy meeting for the sorority and was really excited, because it was Teeter-Totter-A-Thon season! I was pumped to teeter-totter for 72 hours and raise money for Special Olympics. We always partner with a fraternity for this event, so Phi Sigma Kappa’s philanthropy chair attended the meeting as well. James just happened to be their philanthropy chair at the time. I still promise the only reason I noticed him at this meeting was because he got a haircut and his laugh was just as loud as mine. We ended up talking off and on through the meeting and he added me on Facebook that very night. We messaged back and forth constantly, which was hard for me considering I didn’t have a smart phone at the time so I was always running to my computer. After serenade (where he sang a song about Alpha Sig to the tune of “Hakuna Matata” from Lion King) I gave him my phone number to make things easier. I still think that was the moment I knew that this was going to be something pretty serious, so I’d like to say Disney really brought us together, well that and our completely out of control laughs.

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How James Met Jessica: My sophomore year I became philanthropy chair of my fraternity Phi Sigma Kappa. I was in the process of getting more involved and active in leadership roles on campus and in my fraternity. Tom’s Club was another organization I decided to join. I remember I nominated one of my brothers for Secretary for Tom’s Club, and he ended up losing to this one girl who ended up impressing me. Apparently, it was Jessica! I didn’t connect it until a philanthropy meeting with her sorority that she was involved with Alpha Sigma Alpha. I noticed her more there because she seemed really passionate and had creative idea for fundraising and philanthropy so I know she was beautiful AND passionate. I couldn’t get her off my mind after that meeting, and so I had to find her on Facebook and message her. I didn’t want to give my number right away because I didn’t want to look desperate, SO she decided to give ME her number after I serenaded her with some Lion King. She also had a more obnoxious laugh than me, so obviously it was going to be a fun time to be with her.

Our Proposal Story: Through the Eyes of James

I knew somebody as different and amazing like Jessica deserved a great imaginative proposal. I knew a scavenger hunt was the ideal and fun proposal for her. After asking her father’s permission inImage 2 of Jessica and JamesNovember 2014, I started planning on the perfect proposal for her and I. I got help from her two roommates, and her big and little sorority sisters with the proposal. We called it Operation: Proposal.
Four weeks leading up to the proposal, I planned out the scavenger hunt for her that involved clues and meeting her friends at different locations.

Jessica started a the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority house, where we first met, where I gave her a promise ring on our one year anniversary, and where we first talked to each other. Lacey, her little sorority sister, gave her the first clue to read at the sorority house. The clue led her to the University Lake, where Sara met her.

University Lake was where her and I had our first walk on campus. We first held hands and started to get to know each other more. She started telling me her greatest fears and passions, and I knew she was the girl I wanted to protect for the rest of our lives. The next clue led her to Napoli’s, where Hayley met her.

Napoli’s is an Italian restaurant where we had our first date. It was an amazing first date. I knew she was the one when we started talking about Disney and dogs. She got her next clue that led to Salon Savvy, where Brittany, her big sister in the sorority, met her.

I made a reservation for Jessica to get her nails done for the big moment. She then had her next clue that led her to Starbucks! I felt like all of the scavenger hunting got her drained so I got her some caffeine. Then her girls and her drove around Pittsburg to find all of the places we created memories. It was a nice reminiscing trip down memory lane for her. The clue had her going to the final location at Timmons Chapel, where I was waiting for her.

There I got on one knee and proposed to her. I had one of our friends taking pictures and another video the entire proposal as well. The entire scavenger hunt was videoed too.

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Photos by Kelsey Admire