Jessica and James

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How We Met

I’ll start by saying this, it all started with a brown crayon. Yes you read that right. a brown crayon. You see James and I weren’t your typical guy meets a girl in a bar story. You know the one where the guy picks the girl out of a crowd, they lock eyes and fall in love. We were the two people at a bar who work together some how fall in love kind of story. He was a bouncer and I was a waitress. I was still in nursing school studying my butt off trying to become a nurse while he was trying to land his dream job as a police officer. Typical halloween costume jobs.

Anyways back to the more interesting story. The minute I saw James I had a feeling he was different, different from the all the other guys I had dated, which weren’t that great to say the least. James at first kind of gave me the cold shoulder (he will tell you otherwise) but I remember trying so hard to start a conversation with this man who literally didn’t seem to notice my existence (once again he will tell you different). Finally I got him to notice me by being my annoying charming self and putting crayons in his water (real mature, I know). Well he took it to a whole other level by putting them in my school bag and this is where the brown crayon became a key component to our love story. I had taken all the crayons I thought out of my bag only to find that when I got home there was one lonely brown crayon sitting in my bag (which I still have until this day).

This brown crayon started the best conversation of my life and got me the best man in my life. If it wasn’t for that brown crayon I wouldn’t of known what to say that moment I got up the courage to start that Facebook conversation. Even if I only sent a picture of the brown crayon, it got me the person I could spend forever talking to and never want to stop.

how they asked

Little did I know James and my best friend Maria had been planning this day for months and months without me knowing. I am an extremely nosy person who hates surprises so you can guess this wasn’t an easy task for either of them. I was so nosy that I actually almost ruined the surprise up until the drive there. Months before my friend Maria had asked if we could go to Longwood Gardens and dress up to take pictures and pick out flowers for her wedding, I didn’t really think anything at the time when I said yes. But then my mom and I had plans to go to the doctors the day before Maria and me were going to Longwood and my mom suggested since she had the day off to get pedicures and possibly manicures, this is where I started to become suspicious. I asked my mom, my sister Jenna, and Maria each separately in different ways hinting at the fact I thought this was a whole ploys and James would be there. Maria laughed in my face, my mom well she stated “He didn’t ask me so I would hope not”, and well Jenna, Jenna gave me no reaction…she’s extremely hard to read.

Although no-one had cracked under my pressure I still held onto hope that this was the day so you better believe I got ready as if I was about to get engaged. I actually went as far as removing every hair tie off my wrist just incase pictures were taken. I actually believed it until the inner girl in me decided to text James pretty much asking in my own little way if it was happening. To which he stated he didn’t quite have all the money saved up for the ring and he was so sorry but it wasn’t going to happen just yet. I was devastated although I swore I would stop getting my hopes up for things, it was hard.

So I picked my head up and told myself today was about Maria and got happy again. Maria and I walked around started from the outside making our way to the inside. She stated we should start at the entrance so we didn’t miss a single flower, so we did. As we were walking around the inside of the flower exhibit we got to a part that opened up a bit more. Maria started to walk forward and I noticed an elderly couple trying to take a picture so I ran to get out of the way, literally running past James who yelled out “Hey Jess”.

He nearly scared me to death and I was in utter shock and disbelief that all I could manage to say as I looked at him and then to the girl with a camera next to him was no (like this isn’t happening, not an actual no haha). But once I realized this was real and felt like a real jerk for being so mad at him earlier for his response, he led me to the spot he had all planned out and got down on one knee and told me how these last two and half years I have made him the happiest he has ever been and that he loved me and asked me to marry him. I couldn’t believe it, the day was actually here! The day the man of my dreams asked me to be his forever and well of course I said yes! Other than the fact that I became engaged the best part was I have photos to remember this moment by forever because Maria decided to hire a photographer as a gift to both James and I to capture our special moment.

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Special Thanks

Caroline Morris
 | Photographer
Maria Bottino
 | Planning