Jessica and Jacob

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How We Met

Jacob and I’s love is one of true fate. When we were little our parents both coached our younger brothers’ little league team. However, as young children we never met each other then. His family moved to Texas and we stayed in Oklahoma and when I was graduating college our parents ran into one another and his mom offered me a job at her company in Dallas. I moved to Dallas at the same time Jacob was moving to Italy where he was stationed in the Navy. He came home a couple years later on leave and I was briefly introduced to him at his sister’s baby shower. We both thought each other were cute but as he was going back to Italy we really didn’t talk too much. A few years later he got out of the Navy and moved back. His mom was being awarded at a work gala and I attended for my job while he attended to support his mom. We sat by each other and immediately hit it off. We couldn’t stop talking the entire night and by the end of the night Jacob was so upfront in admitting he liked me. We began talking and then dating and eventually becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. Fast forward two years later and he proposed at a lake on The Fourth of July. He snuck us off on this two story deck by ourselves and thanks to modern technology we were able to get a private moment alone for the proposal while also having a drone video to look back on the special moment. It was such a joyful celebration followed by fireworks and family and now I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my love.

how they asked

I had a feeling Jacob was going to propose at any moment. I was trying to do the typical thing to do and keep my nails painted and make sure I was looking cute, but when Jacob asked me one Saturday if I wanted to go to the lake with his brother to watch fireworks for 4th of July, I thought well it won’t happen today so I didn’t worry about painting my nails or bringing cute clothes. When we got there Jacob’s nieces were begging me to jump in the lake with them and so I of course couldn’t say no to that. Well as the day went on and it was about to get dark Jacob asked me to help him go on top of the deck to help him set up these firework stands. I thought it was very weird that he would ask me but didn’t think too much about it, I honestly thought he might be pranking me and push me in the water if anything.

As I’m turned around he gets down on one knee and taps me. I turn around to see the PRETTIEST blue box I have ever seen. Jacob then followed up by saying all the reasons he wanted to marry me which I of course blacked out and can’t remember :) He started to get the ring out at the same time I started grabbing for it and we had ourselves a little fumble, luckily my swift husband caught it before it flew into the lake!

After the proposal my family surprised me and showed up there so we could celebrate and watch fireworks all night long! It was an absolutely amazing day and I enjoyed every moment of it.

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