Jessica and Jacob

Jessica's Proposal in Big Four Bridge in Louisville, Kentucky

How We Met

7 years ago in high school, we met in chemistry class, after a year of being friends we unofficially decided to go official.

How They Asked

Fast forward 6 years later, the Friday before Jessica’s birthday, Jacob got a call from his mom. She was offering him his grandma’s ring to propose if he was ready, and he was. He rushed to make plans because he wanted to do it while they were out celebrating Jessica’s birthday. He was excited to take her out to the big Halloween pumpkin spectacular. Upon arrival, it was posted that the wait to get in (where he planned to propose) was a 3+ hour wait. Jacob decided he was too nervous to wait that long so he grabbed Jessica and said he didn’t want to waste her birthday and he had other plans.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Big Four Bridge in Louisville, Kentucky

Jacob took Jessica to the local walking bridge over the Ohio river and nervously made his way up, stopping frequently to let passerby’s pass. Halfway down the bridge between Kentucky and Indiana, he was pointing out the Louisville skyline to Jessica but when she turned around he was on one knee and asked if she’d marry him. Of course, she said yes!

Special Thanks

Emily Murphy
 | Photographer
Alex Sneed
 | Planning
Betty Cohagen
 | Passed down her mothers engagement ring