Jessica and Jackson

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How we met

It goes back to 2013, Jessica had just moved to Brisbane to study and she came along to my church. We had just finished up the service when I walked outside and spotted her through a crowd of people It was like something out of a movie I remember it vividly and I felt like I was living in slow motion for a while. I was standing there with about five of my mates and quickly said “I call dibs” (We had had a drought of young available girls at church for a while) the funny thing is that all but one of the boys I was with took a crack at her before I had a chance HAHAHA.

In January 2014 I asked her if she wanted to go to the Modern Art Gallery and hit up a burger shop, we had a great time filled with heaps of nervous laughing (mostly from me) and it was the start of something cute! We’ve been together for over two and a half years and its been the most amazing adventure the whole way!

how they asked

This was something 4 months in the making including ordering the rings and everything else.
Jessica and I picked out the engagement ring together which meant I got it right and she picked something she was 100% happy with. After that was out of the way, the planning started. The location was a French Cafe and Antique shop that has space out the back that’s often used as a photo studio/event space, and It was perfect, because Jessica loves antiques and dreams of going to Europe. I ordered everything to come in with heaps of time for things to go wrong. (Which they did, the ring was lost in transit for about 2.5 weeks)

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Everything was ready to go! So on the night we had pizza from the place we had our first proper date, an amazing cheese board with wine, took a few polaroids, and watched her favorite movie Pride and Prejudice.

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special thanks

Photographer: Neill Kumar
Venue: Vieille Branch
Cheese Board: Emile and Solange
Square Prints: Social Print Studio
Pizza & Donuts: Alfredo’s Pizzeria & Donut time

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