Jessica and Jack

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Great Smoky Mountains

How We Met

I was working at the gym at the time and we all have those select few that we have our eyes on. Jack had been my so called “gym crush” for over a year before he gained the courage to even speak to me. A friend of a friend had mentioned he was interested, but again, nothing came of it until quite some time. I was working a shift I wasn’t originally scheduled for, which put me in a terrible mood. I was scheduled for a 2:30pm -7pm shift. (Short, yes, but I’m more of a morning person. Get in and get out!) Jack had came into the gym that day around 3pm, maybe 4pm. Per usual my nerves were running wild knowing he was walking in. As I greeted Jack as I did all gym members, I got a little tongue twisted and embarrassed myself. I was blushing and my heart was racing. Jack had proceeded to check himself in and started walking away, until he made a quick turnaround and came back to the front desk to talk to me. And just like that, here we are, almost 5 years later!

how they asked

We started our hike up Mount LeConte at 8 am this morning. 5.5 miles of straight incline, 11 miles total. Holding on for dear life on icy mountain edges, the most beautiful views I have ever seen in my life, and 8 hours later.. Jack and I started the next chapter of our love story 6,593 ft above sea level on the summit of Mount LeConte!

Jessica and Jack's Engagement in The Great Smoky Mountains