Jessica and Ivaylo

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Nikiti, Greece

how they asked

We were on a vacation in Nikiti, Greece and it was my first scuba diving experience :) I was really excited (and scared :))) ) for my first dive (which I received as a birthday gift a couple of months ago :)

After 15min when we reached the bottom, our instructor started getting the group together for a group photo…at least that’s what I thought was happening :)))

Then Ivaylo showed me to turn around …and I saw the banner “Will you marry me”?

Where to Propose in Nikiti, Greece

He was staying next to me holding a beautiful engagement ring ♡ It was the happiest moment in my life ♡ Luckily I was paying attention during the diving lessons at the beach, so I managed to “say” OK/YES with the help of the underwater communication signs :))) This moment couldn’t be more perfect!

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