Jessica and Ismail

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We spend a lot of time travelling together. My birthday was coming up so Ismail told me he wanted to plan a weekend getaway. He kept me completely in the dark for weeks! Finally, on the 5th of August he took me to Rockwall, TX where we stayed at an AirBNB. We spent the morning swimming (my favorite thing!) and went to a local winery. As the evening approached he took me to this gorgeous lake. He told me we were going to do something you could only do in Europe (what?!). He takes me to this lighthouse and around the lighthouse are locks- just like the lock bridge in France.

Jessica and Ismail's Engagement in Rockwall, TX

He pulls out a lock with the first image we ever took together. We locked our lock. Just then a sailboat docked and my fiance took us on it. We were escorted to the front where we were given front row seats of the view and he pulled out a picnic basket with wine and cheese. We start sailing on this sunset cruise- wind in my hair, wine in my hand.

Jessica's Proposal in Rockwall, TX

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As the boat starts to turn he gets me to stand up “for pictures”. He hands me a bear with a backpack that has a book he handmade full of our story of adventures together. Next thing I know he’s talking about our relationship and gets on one knee.

I was so shocked I seriously started crying (and of course said yes!). A hidden photographer came and took our pictures and he spent the ride back telling me how he planned everything. When we were back on land he took me to a restaurant where he had gathered all of my friends and we celebrated an engagement party right then!

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